National Indicators

Health Care Needs and Access to Care

CSHCN require a broad range of services, from primary and specialty medical care to prescription medications, medical equipment and therapies. In addition, the families of CSHCN may need additional support services, such as respite care, family counseling, or genetic counseling.

This section describes the percentage of CSHCN who need each of a variety of medical and ancillary services, and the percent whose families need each type of support service. In addition, this section presents the percent whose parents report that their children needed the service during the past year but did not receive it.

Other indicators used to assess access to care are described here as well, including the percent of CSHCN who had difficulty receiving referrals for specialty care when needed. In addition, this section includes indicators that describe access to a usual source of care when the child is sick, an important element of primary care for children. These indicators include the percent of CSHCN who have a place that they usually go when they are sick and whether they have a personal doctor or nurse.

Topics in this section include:

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