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Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems
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Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems

2008 Meeting Materials

2008 Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Grantees Meeting
March 12-13, 2008

General Meeting Materials

Meeting Agenda (PDF - 207 K)

Session materials  posted on the Project Thrive Web site.

Additional Materials

State Early Childhood Policy Profiles , National Center for Children in Poverty (Web site)

A Framework for Evaluating Systems Initiatives (PDF - 3.2 MB), Julia Coffman, The Build Initiative

Tool for Using the Framework for Evaluating Systems Initiatives to Select Priorities, Plan, and Move Forward (PDF - 86 K)

2008 Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Partners Meeting
March 13-14, 2008

General Meeting Materials

Meeting Agenda (PDF - 202 K)

Pre-Meeting State Worksheet (PDF - 27 K)

State Team Reporting Form Used During the State Team Breakout Sessions (PDF - 45 K)

Project Thrive Early Childhood Comprehensive System Checklist for the Early Childhood Systems Working Group Core System Elements (PDF - 375 K)

Parent Leadership Development Draft Checklist Items (PDF - 61 K)

Thursday, March 13 Materials

Plenary Session: Building Better Systems for Vulnerable Children and Families (PDF - 265.02 KB)
Presenter: Janice Cooper, National Center for Children in Poverty

Plenary Panel Session: Building Partnerships to Build Better Systems: An Example of How It Is Being Done (PPT - 3.5 MB)
Presenters: Lorrie Grevstad, Washington State ECCS Coordinator; Joan Sharp, Washington State CBCAP Coordinator; Tory Clarke Henderson, Child Development Specialist, Washington State Department of Health

Plenary Session: Bringing It Home: Strengthening Families, Centers, and Programs at the State and Community Levels (PPT - 6.8 MB)
Presenter: Judy Langford, Center for the Study of Social Policy

Friday, March 14 Materials

Plenary Panel Session: Building Bridges Between Services and Systems in Early Childhood Mental Health

A Systems Approach That Addresses Early Childhood Mental Health Services and Supports (PPT - 1.5 MB)
Presenter: Roxane Kaufman, National Technical Assistance Center for Children's Mental Health

Overview of the Second National Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Systems Summit (PPT - 83 K)
Presenter: Therese Ahlers, Director, Wisconsin Alliance for Infant Mental Health

Michigan's Early Childhood Mental Health Services (PPT - 10.7 MB)
Presenter: Sheri Falvay, Mental Health Services to Children and Families, Department of Community Health, Michigan

Plenary Session: Focusing on Prevention to Build Better Systems and Strengthen Families

Presentation 1: The New Jersey Department of Children and Families (PPT - 2.13 MB)
Presentation 2: The Role of the Not-for-Profit Community (PPT - 157 KB)
Presenter: Darrell Armstrong, Director, Division of Prevention and Community Partnerships, New Jersey

Workshop Sessions

1. Identifying and Addressing the Developmental Needs of Children Involved with the Child Protection System

Through Collaboration Between the Child Protection and Early Intervention Systems Developmental Status and Early Intervention Service Needs of Maltreated Children (PPT - 275 K)
Presenter: Anita Scarborough, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina

Massachusetts Early Childhood Linkage Initiative: Taking CAPTA Pilot to Scale (PPT - 275 K)
Presenter: Kate Roper, Massachusetts

Collaboration between the Child Protection and Early Intervention Systems: CAPTA in Ohio (PPT - 69 K)
Presenter: Wendy Grove, Ohio

2. Collaborative Efforts Between ECCS and CBCAP Grantees

The story of Hawaii's early childhood partners (PPT - 73 K)
Presenter: Loretta Fuddy, Keiko Nitta, Lynn Niitani, Hawaii

Community Based Child Abuse Prevention and Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems (PPT - 1.9 MB)
Presenters: Lynne Brehm and Jenny Skala, Nebraska

3. Child Care Health Consultants

CCHCs: An Integral Part of Your Family Support System (PPT - 70 K)
Presenters: Patricia Fahey, Healthy Child Care Consultant Network Support Center; Marilyn Krajicek, NRC; Sandra Cianciolo, The National Training Institute for Child Care Health Consultants; Jeanne Anderson, American Academy of Pediatrics

4. Implementing Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families Illinois Resources 
Presenters: Joanne Kelly and Kathy Goetz Wolf, Illinois

Implementing Strengthening Families: Kansas' Experience (PPT - 2.2 MB)
Presenter: Jackie Counts, Kansas

5. Implementing Developmental and Mental Health Screening

Implementing Developmental and Mental Health Screening: Lessons from the ABCD Projects (PPT - 553 K)
Presenters: Jennifer May, NASHP; Penny Knapp, California and Glenace Edwall, Minnesota

6. Family Systems Model of Care: The Work of SAMHSA’s Women, Children, and Family Treatment Initiative

Building Comprehensive Systems and Strengthening Families through Partnerships with a Focus on Family Support and Early Childhood Mental Health (PPT - 7.9 MB)
Presenter: Nancy Hamilton, Operation PAR, Inc., Pinellas Park, Florida

Women with Substance Use and Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders who are Pregnant, Postpartum and/or Parenting and their Children—A Case Study (PPT - 4.9 MB)
Presenter: Francine Feinberg, Meta House, Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

First Steps System of Care (PPT - 1.3 MB)
Presenter: Nancy Gottlieb, Alcohol and Mental Health Services, Santa Barbara, California

Creating Trauma-Informed Systems to Systems Initiatives for Women, Children and Families (PPT - 246 K)
Presenter: Kath Schilling, Project WAVE on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

7. Transforming State Mental Health Systems for Young Children

Maryland's Early Childhood Mental Health Initiatives (PPT - 114 K)
Presenter: Al Zachik, Maryland

Ohio's Early Childhood Mental Health Initiative (PPT - 2.4 MB)
Presenter: Marla Himmeger, Ohio

8. Spending Smarter

Finance Strategies for Promoting Social and Emotional Health and School Readiness (PPT - 2.4 MB)
Presenter: Deborah Perry, Women's and Children's Health Policy Center, Johns Hopkins University


Infusing Mental Health Into an Early Childhood System of Care (PPT - 5.2 MB)
Speaker: Charlie Biss, Director of Children's Mental Health Services, Vermont State Department of Mental Health