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Evaluating Systems Integration: Essential Components

Evaluating Systems Integration: Essential Components    

This webinar examined the evaluation of MIECHV grantee efforts to increase  interagency collaboration and integration of home visiting within an early childhood  comprehensive system and with other community systems. During this webinar  participants learned of systems evaluation including tools and measures, and identified  evaluation design options that strengthen integration systems.   

Presenters included Amy Fine, Senior Fellow, Center for the Study of Social Policy; Dr.  Danielle Varda, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado, Denver School of Public  Affairs; and Susan Zaid, Deputy Director, Design Options for Maternal, Infant and Early  Childhood Home Visiting and Evaluation (DOHVE).    Additional presentations from grantees included, Holly Hilton-Dennis of Indiana, Erica  Schmitz and Erica Lichter of Maine. Discussions included building integrated systems,  integration with the child welfare system, homeless services, integration with tribal  communities and in all states the focus on coordinated or centralized recruitment and  referral systems within local communities and across states.  

Evaluating Systems Integration: Essential Components Transcript (PDF - 487 KB)

originally broadcast 05/27/2014

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