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Home Visiting Webinar: Fiscal Leveraging

This webinar brings together Lori Connors-Tadros from the Finance Project, Katharine Witgert from the National Academy of Social Health Policy and Joan Wightkin from Louisiana State University to discuss finance strategies for home visiting programs. Together they look at several options used by states including various mechanisms through Medicaid, as well as other sources of public and private funds, and the benefits and challenges posed by each. Also included is a five-step approach to strategic financing with tools and worksheets that help leaders use data to drive decisions around financing and sustaining statewide home visiting programs and services.

Fiscal Leveraging transcript (PDF - 158 KB)

Originally broadcast 7/24/2012

Collaboration Portal
The Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Collaboration Portal is a private discussion and information-sharing site for grantee leads, federal staff and national model developers. The site is secure and password protected. To join this network, select the appropriate group’s sign-in, answer the questions and follow the registration instructions.


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