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TBI Technical Assistance Center (TBI TAC)

The Federal TBI Program supports a TBI Technical Assistance Center at the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago. The TBI Technical Assistance Center was established to help grantees in the planning and development of effective programs that improve access to health and other services for individuals with TBI and their families. TBI TAC staff analysts provide State grantees with individualized technical assistance. The TBI Technical Assistance Center sub-contracts with the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) to provide individualized technical assistance to the P&A TBI grantees. Additionally, the TBI Technical Assistance Center produces and disseminates a variety of specialized initiatives and information products for the Federal TBI Program (see Publications, Webcasts & External Sources).  

As an example, the TBI Technical Assistance Center in collaboration with select Work Groups comprised of grantees and Federal staff developed a set of Benchmarks that can be used by grantees to assess their progress in achieving comprehensive levels of program and policy development. 


The TBI Technical Assistance Center moderates the Federal TBI Program’s listserv, TBISERV.  Participants must have some affiliation with the Federal TBI Program.  To request to join TBISERV, go to

TBI Collaboration Space (TBICS) 

The TBI Technical Assistance Center designed and maintains the Federal TBI Program’s TBI Collaboration Space (TBICS). TBICS is a learning, collaboration, and benchmarking tool for grantees and others affiliated with the Federal TBI Program. TBICS captures successful TBI systems change strategies and makes them available in a dynamic and meaningful way. TBICS is open only to those with some affiliation with the Federal TBI Program. E-mail or call (877) 253-2087 to request access. 


Annual TBI Grantee Leadership Meeting

Created specifically for grantees, the TBI Technical Assistance Center coordinates and hosts the Federal TBI Program’s Grantee Leadership Meeting held annually in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.