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Photo of Dr. Nakao

Grantee Publication Highlight
Mr. Nakao and colleagues from the University of Washington. Children with ASD Not More Likely to Use ED for Dental Problems.

Portrait of Dr. Lindberg

Grantee Publication Highlight
Dr. Lindberg and colleagues from the Guttmacher Institute, Inc Pregnancy Intentions and Maternal and Child Health: an analysis of longitudinal data in Oklahoma.

Photo of Dr. Grundmeier

Grantee Publication Highlight
Dr. Grundmeier and colleagues from the PROS Network of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Imputing Missing Race/Ethnicity in Pediatric Electronic Health Records.

Newly Funded Projects

In September 2014, the MCH Research Program awarded fifteen new extramural research grants: seven multiyear, five one-year projects based on secondary data analyses, one Autism Longitudinal Data Project, one MCH Adolescent and Young Adult Health Research Network (AYAH-RN) project, one MCH Health Care Transitions Research Network (HCT-RN) for Youth and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders project, and one the Bridging the Word Gap Research Network. Newly awarded projects are as follows:

A Controlled Trial of Sertraline in Young Children with ASD
UC Davis - 9/1/2014

Comparative Efficacy of a Self-directed and Therapist-assisted Telehealth Parent Training Intervention for Children with ASD
Michigan State University - 9/1/2014

Comprehensive Communication Intervention for Minimally Verbal Children with Autism
Vanderbilt University - 9/1/2014

Does Mindfulness Training Enhance Early Evidence-based Parent-coaching Interventions?
Vanderbilt University Medical Center - 9/1/2014

Investigation of Teacher-Mediated Toilet Training Using a Manualized Moisture Alarm Intervention
University of Rochester Medical Center - 9/1/2014

Parent Mediated Interventions in Autism: The Search for Meaningful Outcomes
University of Colorado - 9/1/2014

Screening and Linkage to Services for Autism (SaLSA)
University of Colorado Denver - 9/1/2014

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