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In April 2014, the MCHB Research Program awarded 21 new extramural research grants: six multi-year, 11 one-year projects based on secondary data analysis, and four policy grants.

Promoting Adolescent Health Through Personalized Feedback
Seattle Children's Hospital - 4/1/2014

The Early Limited Formula Study
UCSF - 4/1/2014

A Mobile Web-Based Parenting Intervention to Strengthen Social-Emotional Development of Very Low Birth Weight Infants
University of Kansas Center for Research - 4/1/2014

Targeting Pregnancy-Related Weight Gain To Reduce Disparities In Obesity: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Temple University - 4/1/2014

Developmental Origins of Children's Cardiometabolic Risk
Northshore University Healthsystem - 4/1/2014

Supportive Services for Expectant and New Fathers: A Study of Their Impact on Maternal Well-being
City of Minneapolis - 4/1/2014

(SDAS) Variations In Care And Outcomes For Children With Traumatic Brain Injury
Children's Hospital Medical Center - 04/01/2014

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