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Autism Publications

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Bacon EC, Dufek S, Schreibman L, Stahmer AC, Pierce K, Courchesne E. Measuring outcome in an early intervention program for toddlers with autism spectrum disorder: use of a curriculum-based assessment. Autism Res Treat. 2014;2014:964704.

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Kanne SM, Mazurek MO, Sikora D, Bellando J, Branum-Martin L, Handen B, Katz T, Freedman B, Powell MP, Warren Z. The Autism Impact Measure (AIM): Initial development of a new tool for treatment outcome measurement. J Autism Dev Disord. 2014 Jan;44(1):168-79.

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Vetter VL, Dugan NP, Haley DM, et al. Development of a data set of national cardiovascular deaths in the young. Am Heart J. 2014;168(4):568-76.e3.

Vetter VL, Dugan NP, Haley DM, et al. Development of a data set of national cardiovascular deaths in the young. Am Heart J. 2014;168(4):568-76.e3.

Zuckerman KE, Hill AP, Guion K, Voltolina L, Fombonne E. Overweight and obesity: prevalence and correlates in a large clinical sample of children with autism spectrum disorder. J Autism Dev Disord. 2014;44(7):1708-1719.

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