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A Controlled Trial of Sertraline in Young Children with ASD
UC Davis - 9/1/2014

Comparative Efficacy of a Self-directed and Therapist-assisted Telehealth Parent Training Intervention for Children with ASD
Michigan State University - 9/1/2014

Comprehensive Communication Intervention for Minimally Verbal Children with Autism
Vanderbilt University - 9/1/2014

Does Mindfulness Training Enhance Early Evidence-based Parent-coaching Interventions?
Vanderbilt University Medical Center - 9/1/2014

Investigation of Teacher-Mediated Toilet Training Using a Manualized Moisture Alarm Intervention
University of Rochester Medical Center - 9/1/2014

Parent Mediated Interventions in Autism: The Search for Meaningful Outcomes
University of Colorado - 9/1/2014

Screening and Linkage to Services for Autism (SaLSA)
University of Colorado Denver - 9/1/2014

(SDAS) Tough Choices: Autism, Private Health Insurance and Family Out-of-pocket
UNC-CH - 9/1/2014

(SDAS) Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Children's Early Diagnostic and Health Services
Brandeis University - 9/1/2014

(SDAS) Patterns and Variations in Emergency Department Visits for U.S. Children with Autism: A Rural-Urban Comparison
UNC-CH - 9/1/2014

(SDAS) Peer-victimization of Adolescents with ASD: Filling the Knowledge Gaps to Create Anti-bullying Interventions
Weill Medical College of Cornell University - 9/1/2014

(SDAS) Making a More Effective and Efficient SCQ
Texas Tech University - 9/1/2014

A Prospective Birth Cohort Study on Pre- and Peri-natal Determinants of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities
Johns Hopkins University - 9/1/2014

MCH Adolescent and Young Adult Health Research Network (AYAH-RN)
UCSF - 9/1/2014

MCH Health Care Transitions Research Network (HCT-RN) for Youth and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
UCLA - 9/1/2014

Bridging the Word Gap Research Network
University of Kansas - 9/1/2014

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