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Purposeful Parenting Enhanced Anticipatory Guidance for the First Year of Life
Boston Medical Center - 04/01/2015

Nutrition as Intervention: Trial of PUFA to Boost Development of Preterm Toddlers
The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital - 04/01/2015

Evaluating Coordination of Care Between Pediatricians and WIC Nutritionists: Early Obesity Prevention for WIC Mothers and Children
Pennsylvania State University-Univ Park - 04/01/2015

Adverse Childhood Experiences in the Parent Generation: Impact on Family Engagement and Program Efficacy of MIECHV Home Visiting
Emma Pendleton Bradley Hospital - 04/01/2015

Medicaid Managed Care and the Quality of Care for Women and Children: Evaluating a Randomized Trial of Enrollment in a Medicaid-Focused or Commercial Health Insurance Plan
Brown University - 04/01/2015

Using pictorial asthma action plans to promote self-management and health in rural youth with asthma
West Virginia University Research Corporation - 04/01/2015

(SDAS) Adolescent Vaccine Coverage among Youth with Special Health Care Needs: A Secondary Data Analysis to Identify Disparities
Ohio State University - 04/01/2015

(SDAS) Born on Reform: Infant and Maternal Health in Massachusetts
University of Maryland - 04/01/2015

(SDAS) Child Health and Adverse Childhood Experiences: Implications for the Medical Home
Colorado Seminary - 04/01/2015

(SDAS) Intimate partner violence during pregnancy and implications for fetal growth
Johns Hopkins University - 04/01/2015

(SDAS) Life Course Social Context and Disparities in Birth Outcomes
Sequoia Foundation - 04/01/2015

(SDAS) Maternity Care: Variability in Utilization/Cost by Delivery Mode and Risk Status
Yale University - 04/01/2015

(SDAS) Relationship between Obstetric Outcomes and Publicly Reported Hospital Quality and Satisfaction Measures
Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York - 04/01/2015

(SDAS) The Affordable Care Act, Lactation Support Services, and Breastfeeding
RAND Corporation - 04/01/2015

(SDAS) Sexual Orientation and the Risk for Unintended Pregnancy Among U.S. Women of Reproductive Age
University of South Carolina - 04/01/2015

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