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H H S Department of Health and Human Services
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Maternal and Child Health

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New Findings on Health Behaviors of School-aged Children

Wednesday, December 3, 2008, 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET

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Presenter Information

Mary Kay Kenney, PhD.Mary Kay Kenney, PhD
Health Statistician
Office of Data and Program Development
Maternal and Child Health Bureau
Health Resources and Services Administration
5600 Fishers Lane, Room 18-41
Rockville, MD 20857
Phone: 301-443-0755
Fax: 301-443-9354

Dr. Mary Kay Kenney is a Health Statistician with the Maternal and Child Health Bureau in the Health Resources and Services Administration. She has a special interest in Children with Special Health Care Needs. She began her career working on multi-disciplinary Early Intervention teams as a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, treating developmental speech and language disorders in the special needs population. She obtained a doctorate from Northwestern University in 1998 studying developmental speech production and held a position as a postdoctoral fellow at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke between 1998 and 2004, investigating genetic speech disorders. Currently Dr. Kenney is involved in several different projects related to statistical analysis of national data from the National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs and the National Survey of Children's Health. In addition, Dr. Kenney is project officer on federal grants and contracts that build data capacity and data analysis of child health information and preterm birth.

Ronald J. Iannotti, PhD.Ronald J. Iannotti, PhD 
Staff Scientist
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development,
National Institutes of Health
6100 Executive Blvd 7B13Q
Bethesda, MD 20892-7510
Phone: 301-435-6951
Fax: 301-402-2084

Ronald J. Iannotti, PhD, received his doctorate in Developmental Psychology at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He has held teaching and research positions at Marietta College in Ohio, the National Institutes of Mental Health, Georgetown University School of Medicine, and Miami University and has been a visiting scholar at Trier University in Trier, Germany, and the Miami University European Center in Luxembourg. His current position is at the Prevention Research Branch of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. He is a fellow of the American Psychological Association, serves on editorial boards of two professional journals and is currently the treasurer of the International Society for Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. Dr. Iannottis research interests include social and environmental influences on the development of childrens eating and exercise patterns and their relationship to obesity and cardiovascular risk factors and improving management of childhood chronic illnesses. His current research projects include a national survey of adolescent health behaviors which is part of an international collaboration involving more than 40 other countries and several clinic-based interventions to improve family and adolescent management of Type 1 diabetes.

Bruce Simons-Morton, EdD, MPH.Bruce Simons-Morton, EdD, MPH 
Chief, Prevention Research Branch
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development,
National Institutes of Health
6100 Executive Blvd 7B13M
Bethesda, MD 20892-7510
Phone: 301-496-5674
Fax: 301-402-2084

Bruce Simons-Morton, EdD, MPH, is the Chief of the Prevention Research Branch at the National Institute of Child and Human Development of the National Institutes of Health. He directs an intramural research group that focuses on three areas of adolescent health behavior: (1) preventing motor vehicle crashes among young drivers, (2) promoting family management of childhood injury and disease, and (3) preventing adolescent problem behavior. His research on adolescent substance use has focused on peer and parent influences and school-based, problem-solving oriented preventive interventions. He is the author of more than 150 journal articles, books, and book chapters, including the textbook Introduction to Health Education and Promotion, 2nd Edition and the soon-to-be-released book Understanding and Changing Health Behavior: A Theory-Based Multidisciplinary Approach. Among other honors, Dr. Simons-Morton is the 2007 American Academy of Health Behavior Research Laureate. He has served as the Chair of the Public Health Education Section of the American Public Health Association, Vice President of the Society for Public Health Education, and President of the American Academy of Health Behavior. Previously, he was Assistant Professor at Temple University, Associate Professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch, and Professor of Behavioral Science at the University of Texas School of Public Health at Houston.