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NEWS: 2016 MN LEND Forum: “The Neurobiology of Poverty” - April 28, 12:30 - 3 PM Central
NEWS: Seeing Clearly - Blindness Prevention from Healthy Tomorrows grantees
EVENT: 2016 FAMILY LEADERSHIP MEETING Family Voices National Center for Family/Professional Partnerships for CYSHCN
NEWS: The Well-Woman Project - Collecting stories from women about their health care experiences
WEBINAR: New Grantee Orientation Webinar - Archive Now Available

Program Highlight

The MCH Pipeline Training Program (“Pipeline”) is wrapping up another successful five-year project period. During the past five years, the four Pipeline programs at Alabama State University, UCLA, Howard University, and the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee have trained over 1500 short- and medium-term trainees. Approximately 80% of Pipeline graduates (students who received Pipeline financial support) have entered graduate programs preparing them to work with the MCH population.

DMCHWD would like to shine the spotlight on the following star Pipeline graduates:

The Alabama State University (ASU) Maternal and Child Health Pipeline Training Program (MCHPTP), is currently in its 10th year. The program, which began in 2006, was established with the goals of: (a) addressing the identified need to support efforts at the local.... Read More

The experience that I have obtained from Pathways for Students into Health Professions Program has shaped my desire to further my career in the field of health. After graduating UCLA in 2013, I decided to .... Read More

Vanessa is a first year student in the Masters Entry in Clinical Nursing (MECN) program at UCLA that prepares students to be Registered Nurses, Clinical Nurse Leaders, and Public Health Nurses. She is currently .... Read More

Welcome Trainee Ambassadors

The DMCHWD welcomes the following ten (10) current and former trainees to serve on the inaugural 2015-2016 Trainee Ambassador Group (TAG)!

  • Emily Whitgob (DBP)
  • Rebekah Savage (LEAH)
  • Michelle Gin (LEAH & SPH)
  • Zach Goble (LEND)
  • Britt Sutton (LEND)
  • Alysa Vos (LEND / AUCD Virtual Trainee)
  • Tammy H. Shikany (PPC)
  • Yuka Asada (SPH & Nutrition)
  • Priya Patel (SPH)
  • Arianna Taboada (MCH Pipeline & SPH)

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Discretionary Grant Information System
Maternal and Child Health Discretionary Grants fund more than 900 projects through 88 programs each year. The Discretionary Grant Information System (DGIS) collects program and performance measure data...

Read More

Connect with us!

The Division of MCH Workforce Development is excited to launch our new website! We welcome any feedback you may have. In addition, we’d like to highlight a few ways to engage:

Links to join the email list, view a calendar of monthly topics, add your content, and a video tour of division website

Vision for the 21st Century

Title V-Training Collaboration Fact Sheet PDFA Strategic Plan for the Division of MCH Workforce Development:

The Division of MCH Workforce Development uses a nationally focused multiyear strategic plan to guide its work and offer guidance to other entities invested in the MCH workforce. Four major themes drive our 2012-2020 National Goals: MCH Workforce Development, Diversity and Health Equity, Interdisciplinary/Interprofessional Training and Practice, and Science, Innovation and Quality Improvement. Read more about our current investments and core values

Division Highlights

Title V-Training Collaboration Fact Sheet PDFDiversity and Health Equity in the Maternal and Child Health Workforce

A Resource Guide to Key Strategies and Actions for MCH Training Programs

Funding Opportunity Announcement

GRANTEE Spotlight

Links to AMCHP Pulse full articleNew Healthy Tomorrows Grantees
Eight new grantees announced for the Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program..... Read More Exit Disclaimer

Mark Wolraich, MD Let’s Get Healthy California
The California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) announced, in January, 23 community-based health...... Read More

Links to AMCHP Pulse full articleThe Hospital to Medical Home Program
As part of their work with the National MCH Hospital to Medical Home is a Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program (HTPCP) in Toledo, Ohio that... Read More

Links to AMCHP Pulse full articleAn Interview with Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program Grantees
Medical Care Management for Complex Prenatal Patients is a Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program (HTPCP) facilitated through St John's Well Child and Family Center in ... Read More Exit Disclaimer

Dr. Arden HandlerSeeing Clearly
Partnership between Healthy Tomorrows grantee, Prevent Blindness Massachusetts, and the Massachusetts Coalition for Reach Out and Read, is featured in the MA AAP winter newsletter. The article gives several tools for clinicians to use in connecting parents to... Read More Exit Disclaimer

MCH Navigator

MCH NavigatorChange Management Exit Disclaimer

The fields of maternal and child health, public health, and health care itself are in a period of rapid change, both in terms of the needs of target populations and in the way that professionals must navigate new and evolving systems to ensure services to those who need them most. Change management builds on the MCH Leadership Competencies as a foundation while utilizing a new framework and set of management competencies to establish skills on a personal and organizational level to address a changing work environment. Learn More Exit Disclaimer

Focus on 2016 Goals Exit Disclaimer

The MCH Navigator is pleased to support the Maternal and Child Health Bureau's Division of MCH Workforce Development in focusing on goals from the Strategic Plan that are being highlighted in 2016. To complement this theme, The MCH Navigator has created a list of trainings specific to MCH Workforce Development. Exit Disclaimer

Training Investments

MCH Training Grants Map

In Fiscal Year 2015, the Division of MCH Workforce Development awarded 152 grants, an investment of $47 million. Grants are awarded to develop trainees for leadership roles in the areas of MCH teaching, research, clinical practice, public health administration and policy making, and community-based programs. In addition, grantees in community practice often support the development of family-centered, culturally competent pediatric clinicians and public health professionals. Currently, Healthy Tomorrows funds 38 grants across 22 states.

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