Maternal and Child Health Training Program

H H S Department of Health and Human Services
Health Resources and Services Administration
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Goal 5: Knowledge to Practice

Generate, translate, and integrate new knowledge to enhance MCH training, inform policy, and improve health outcomes.


  • Regularly assess workforce needs, identifying MCH workforce shortages and evaluating the ability of the workforce to deliver quality services to the MCH population
  • Expand the knowledge related to effective MCH practice and effective training strategies in MCH
  • Ensure rapid translation of research findings into policy, training, and practice


Although the primary mission of the MCH Training Program is to train a new generation of MCH leaders and clinicians, it also fosters improvements in the health of women and children through other means. Faculty and trainees affiliated with the MCH Training Program develop innovations in treatment and services; serve as a voice for women and children—within universities, with legislative bodies and other policymakers, and with the public; and conduct research, especially applied research. The research to practice link is critical, and is one of the founding principles upon which the Maternal and Child Health Bureau organizational structure is based, combining demonstration, research and training into a single governmental agency.

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