Maternal and Child Health Training Program

H H S Department of Health and Human Services
Health Resources and Services Administration
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Goal 1: MCH Competencies

Assure a workforce that possesses the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to meet unique MCH population needs.


  • Improve the quality of training and practice for MCH professionals.
  • Ensure that the MCH population has access to qualified providers.


MCH competencies outline the knowledge and skill areas needed in order to improve the quality of training and practice for MCH professionals.  Tools for both graduate and continuing education must be readily accessible to MCH students and MCH professionals.


  • MCH Workforce: MCH professionals represent many disciplines (health, social welfare, policy, education, etc.) united by a concern for the health and well-being of the MCH population.  Many educational pathways can lead to a career in MCH public health, the most direct is to obtain a degree from a School of Public Health or post-graduate training in MCH.  MCH PH practitioners are employed typically in local, state or federal governmental public health agencies, in health care delivery organizations, not-for-profit community based agencies, private philanthropic foundations or research institutions.
  • MCH Competencies: MCH knowledge and skill areas provide a foundation for MCH curriculum development and evaluation at the graduate education level, and a framework for continuing education for the practicing MCH professional.
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