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MCH Navigator

MCH Navigator

A Learning Portal for MCH Professionals

 The MCH Navigator, Exit Disclaimer a cooperative agreement with Georgetown University, is a learning portal for maternal and child health professionals, students, and others working to improve the health and well being of women, children, and families.


Project Overview

The MCH Navigator project was launched by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) in early 2010 to address the professional development needs of the field. As budget reductions are shrinking funding for training-related time, cost, and travel, online resources are an effective alternative for continuing education. 

The MCH Navigator is a centralized portal for pursuing continuous learning in maternal and child health and is designed to help emerging and established MCH professionals map professional growth pathways, locating:

  • Where they are now – whether a student or an established professional,
  • Where they want to be – identifying the skills and competencies necessary for organizational and personal goals, and
  • The best route to get there – linking to targeted and effective learning resources.

The MCH Navigator seeks to enhance access to currently available public health MCH learning resources by “matching” learner needs with learning paths. This initiative is intended to complement, and not be a substitute for, formal institutionally-based undergraduate or graduate education programs in maternal and child health.

While the complete MCH Navigator learning management system is still being developed, MCHB has launched this website to describe the larger project and make learning opportunities available to MCH professionals as early as possible.

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Links to the MCH Navigator home pageImplementing Interdisciplinary and Interprofessional Training

Georgetown University's MCH Navigator and MCH Library are pleased to present this list of online trainings and resources for use by the Title V workforce in understanding and implementing interdisciplinary and interprofessional training. Competency 10 of the MCH Leadership Competencies focuses on Interdisciplinary Team Building: "MCH systems are interdisciplinary in nature. Interdisciplinary practice provides a supportive environment in which the skills and expertise of team members from different disciplines, including families, are seen as essential and synergistic... Members of an interdisciplinary team may include a variety of professionals, consumers, families, and community partners.

Visit the MCH Navigator website for more information. Exit Disclaimer

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