Degrees awarded to women (percent of degrees), by type, 1969-1970 and 2001-2002 (vertical bar chart): Associate degree: 1969-70, 43.0%; 2001-02, 60.0%. Bachelor’s degree: 1969-70, 43.1%; 2001-02, 57.4%. Master’s degree: 1969-70, 39.7%; 2001-02, 58.7%. First professional degree:* 1969-70, 5.3%; 2001-02, 47.3%. Doctoral degree:** 1969-70, 13.3%; 2001-02, 46.3%.

Source: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. Digest of education statistics, 2003; Chapter 3.

*Includes fields of dentistry (D.D.S. or D.M.D.), medicine (M.D.), optometry (O.D.), osteopathic medicine (D.O.), pharmacy (D.Phar.), podiatry (D.P.M.), veterinary medicine (D.V.M.), chiropractic (D.C. or D.C.M.), law (LL.B. or J.D.), and theological professions (M.Div. or M.H.L.).

**Includes Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.) as well as degrees awarded for fulfilling specialized requirements in professional fields such as education (Ed.D.), musical arts (D.M.A.), business administration (D.B.A.), and engineering (D.Eng. or D.E.S.). First-professional degrees, such as M.D. and D.D.S., are not included under this heading.