Use of adaptive visual devices* and vision rehabilitative services** among women, by age, 2002 (vertical bar chart): Total: adaptive devices, 23.0%; rehabilitative services, 1.4%. 18-44 years: adaptive devices, 15.3%; rehabilitative services, 1.4%. 45-64 years: adaptive devices, 24.6%; rehabilitative services, 0.8%. 65-74 years: adaptive devices, 22.4%; rehabilitative services, 1.4%. 75 years and older: adaptive devices, 28.5%; rehabilitative services, 2.5%.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, National Health Interview Survey, 2002. Analysis conducted by the Maternal and Child Health Information Resource Center.

*Includes telescopic or other prescriptive lenses, magnifiers, large print or talking materials, white cane, or guide dog.

**Includes job training, counseling, or training in daily living skills and mobility.