Pregnancy rates (per 1,000 females) for adolescents, by age and race/ethnicity, 1990-2000 (line graph): 2000: non-Hispanic Black 15-17 years, 100.7; Hispanic 15-17 years, 83.1; non-Hispanic White 15-17 years, 32.5; non-Hispanic Black under 15 years, 5.9; Hispanic under 15 years, 3.0; non-Hispanic White under 15 years, 0.8. Rates for older non-Hispanic Black teens have dropped dramatically in the last decade, while rates for older Hispanic and non-Hispanic White teens have also dropped, but less significantly.

Source: Ventura SJ, Abma JC, Mosher WD, Henshaw S. Estimated pregnancy rates for the United States, 1990-2000: an update. National Vital Statistics Reports 2004;52(23).