The systematic assessment of women’s health status enables health professionals and policy makers to determine the impact of past and current health interventions and the need for new programs. Trends in health status help to identify new issues as they emerge.

In the following section, health status indicators are presented related to mortality, morbidity, health behaviors, and reproductive health. Issues pertinent to selected populations of women, including older, immigrant, rural, and incarcerated women are also addressed. The data are displayed by sex, age, and race and ethnicity, where available. Many of the conditions discussed, such as cancer, heart disease, hypertension, and stroke, have an important genetic component. Although the full impact of genetic risk factors on many of these conditions is still being studied, it is vital for women to be aware of their family history so that their risk for developing such conditions can be properly assessed.

Categories in this section:

  1. Health Behaviors
  2. Health Indicators
  3. Maternal Health
  4. Special Populations