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Maternal & Child Health Block Grant Transformation

The Title V Block Grant improves the health and well-being of all of America’s mothers, infants, children, and youth. This federal-state partnership, now in its 80th year continues to advance this mission. The Maternal Child Health Bureau (MCHB) engaged stakeholders and other national, state, and local leaders, families and other partners to develop a common vision for improving, innovating, and transforming the Title V MCH Block Grant.

The improvements, which began with the 2015 MCH Block Grant application, were designed to achieve the three goals of the MCH Block Grant transformatio

  • Reduce State Burden
  • Maintain Flexibility
  • Improve Accountability

Highlighting Priorities and Planned Improvements Associate Administrator for Maternal and Child Health Michael Lu, MD, MPH describes next steps for current grantees as they approach 2016’s July 16 deadline:

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In 2014, Michael Lu, MD, MPH discussed the mission, vision and planning for the transformation of the MCH Block Grant – watch Part I and Part II.

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Download the the MCH History PowerPointThe PowerPoint slideshow, "Legacy and Leadershop: MCH Timeline," is available for download and may be used freely with attribution for non-commerical educational purposes. Click here to download the PowerPoint file.