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CHIP Enrollment


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CHIP design and enrollment


Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Program Design and Aggregate Enrollment, 2009*
State Type of CHIP Program** Upper Eligibility Total CHIP Enrollment Presumptive Eligibility† (N=no, Y=yes)
*Data on Program Type and Total Enrollment are from Federal Fiscal Year 2009 (October 2008-September 2009); data on eligibility are from calendar year 2009 (January 2009-December 2009).
**Programs may be an expansion of Medicaid, a separate CHIP program, or a combination of the two.
†Presumptive eligibility provides immediate but temporary benefits for applicants who appear to meet eligibility requirements but have not yet been officially approved; in some States, this is only available for certain populations (e.g., infants). For States with a combination plan, information for the Medicaid plan is listed first, followed by information for the separate SCHIP plan.
Sources:Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. FY2010 CHIP Annual Enrollment Report. Accessed May 2011.
Kaiser Family Foundation External Web Site Policy, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured. 50-State Survey of Medicaid and CHIP Eligibility Rules, Enrollment and Renewal Procedures and Cost-Sharing Practices, 2009. Accessed May 2011.
Alabama Separate Separate 110,158 N
Alaska Medicaid Medicaid 11.655 N
Arizona Separate Separate 66,275 N
Arkansas Combo Combo 101,312 N/N
California Combo Combo 1,748,135 Y/Y
Colorado Separate Separate 102,395 Y
Connecticut Separate Separate 21,874 N
Delaware Combo Combo 12,599 N/N
District of Columbia Medicaid Medicaid 9,260 N
Florida Combo Combo 417,414 N/N
Georgia Separate Separate 254,365 N
Hawaii Medicaid Medicaid 24,691 N
Idaho Combo Combo 44,319 N/N
Illinois Combo Combo 376,618 Y/Y
Indiana Combo Combo 142,665 N/N
Iowa Combo Combo 52,608 Y/Y
Kansas Separate Separate 48,090 Y
Kentucky Combo Combo 73,143 N/N
Louisiana Combo Combo 170,082 N/N
Maine Combo Combo 31,349 N/N
Maryland Medicaid Medicaid 124,622 N
Massachusetts Combo Combo 143,044 Y/Y
Michigan Combo Combo 72,035 Y/Y
Minnesota Combo Combo 5,470 N/N
Mississippi Separate Separate 86,839 N
Missouri Combo Combo 103,709 Y/N
Montana Separate Separate 25,749 N
Nebraska Medicaid Medicaid 48,139 N
Nevada Separate Separate 33,981 N/N
New Hampshire Combo Combo 13,197 Y/N
New Jersey Combo Combo 167,009 Y/Y
New Mexico Medicaid Medicaid 11,169 Y
New York Separate Separate 532,635 Y
North Carolina Combo Combo 259,652 N/N
North Dakota Combo Combo 6,983 N/N
Ohio Medicaid Medicaid 265,680 N
Oklahoma Combo Combo 123,681 N/N
Oregon Separate Separate 51,835 N
Pennsylvania Separate Separate 264,847 N
Rhode Island Combo Combo 19,596 N/N
South Carolina Combo Combo 85,046 N/N
South Dakota Combo Combo 15,249 N/N
Tennessee Combo Combo 83,333 N/N
Texas Separate Separate 869,867 N
Utah Separate Separate 59,806 N
Vermont Separate Separate 7,092 N
Virginia Combo Combo 167,589 N/N
Washington Separate Separate 27,415 N
West Virginia Separate Separate 38,200 N
Wisconsin Combo Combo 153,917 Y/N
Wyoming Separate Separate 8,871 N

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