District of Columbia Discretionary Awards

Project Title: Mary's Center Teen

Grant Number: H17MC31603
Project Start Date: March 1, 2018
Project End Date: February 28, 2023
Address: 2333 Ontario Road NW, Washington, DC 20009
Project Director: Anne Sclater
Phone Number: (202) 329-3281
Email: asclater@maryscenter.org

Project Description

Mary’s Center’s current adolescent services include teen case management, health education, medical, behavioral health services, and After-School Teen programing aimed at preventing pregnancies and preventing sexually transmitted infections. These services are spread throughout our four health center locations (we will have five locations with the opening of our upcoming Ft. Totten Clinic in October 2015), based on staffing availability, budget capacity and space availability for staff and participants. Our greatest successes have been documented among those adolescents who participate in all aspects of the program; however, that number is limited based upon our current capacity to serve.This project proposes a new comprehensive linkage among all adolescent services at Mary’s Center, building upon, expanding and enhancing our current services in order to provide the highest quality care for all adolescents at Mary’s Center.

Project Title: District of Columbia Emergency Medical Services for Children State Partnership Performance Report

Grant Number: H33MC06715
Project Start Date: April 1, 2018
Project End Date: March 31, 2022
Organization: Children's Research Institute
Address: 111 Michigan Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20010-2916
Project Director: Joelle N. Simpson
Phone Number: (202) 476-2080
Email: jnsimpso@childrensnational.org

Project Description

Given the status of the District of Columbia (DC) as the nation’s capital, its increased visibility to Congress, and its role as venue for important national and international events, it is especially important to ensure an Emergency Medical Services for Children’s presence within the DC EMS system. The District of Columbia’s State Partnership Program aims to assess and enhance pediatric EMS system capacity for the Washington, DC region.

Project Title: Strengthen the Evidence for MCH Programs (MCH Advanced Education Policy)

Grant Number: U02MC31613
Project Start Date: February 1, 2018
Project End Date: January 31, 2023
Organization: Georgetown University (The)
Project Director: John T. Richards
Phone Number: (202) 784-9772
Email: richarjt@georgetown.edu

Project Description

There is a pressing need to provide support and resources to assist state Title V programs in using evidence-based/informed programs and other materials in addressing requirements of the transformed MCH Block Grant program and responding to new measures.

Project Title: Building Systems of Services for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs

Grant Number: U1TMC31756
Project Start Date: July 1, 2018
Project End Date: June 30, 2023
Address: 1615 M Street NW, Suite 290, Washington, DC 20036
Project Director: Margaret McManus
Phone Number: (202) 223-1500
Email: mmcmanus@thenationalalliance.org

Project Description

Currently, 61 million people, or 19% of the United States population, are between the ages of 12 and 26. This is a critical transitional period of development for those with and without chronic conditions. Yet, data from the 2016 National Survey of Children’s Health reveal that 85% of youth are not receiving transition assistance from their health care providers. The literature is replete with examples of adverse impacts when a structured transition process is not in place, particularly for those with chronic conditions that includes low health care literacy, gaps in access and use of ambulatory care, worsening health conditions, dissatisfaction and worry, and preventable emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Project Title: MCH-PIP

Grant Number: U1XMC31656
Project Start Date: May 1, 2018
Project End Date: April 30, 2023
Organization: Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs, Inc.
Address: 1825 K ST NW, STE 250, WASHINGTON, DC 20006-1202
Project Director: Caroline Stampfel
Phone Number: (202) 775-1473
Email: cstampfel@amchp.org

Project Description

Access to quality health care for MCH populations is a nationwide problem. Nowhere is this more apparent than in access to substance abuse and mental health care for women.

Project Title: Supporting State Maternal and Child Health Policy Innovations Project

Grant Number: U1XMC31658
Project Start Date: May 1, 2018
Project End Date: April 30, 2023
Address: 1233 20th Street NW, Suite 313, Washington, DC 20036
Project Director: Karen Van Landeghem
Phone Number: (847) 797-1824
Email: kvanlandeghem@nashp.org

Project Description

Public and private health care systems are undergoing dramatic changes at the federal and state level as health officials and other policymakers work to improve the quality of health care and health outcomes, while reducing health care costs. These changes are especially evident among federal programs and systems that serve MCH populations, including Medicaid, CHIP, public health and mental health. At the same time, chronic conditions such as substance use disorders, including misuse of opioids, and childhood obesity are disproportionately affecting MCH populations in many areas. Federal and state reforms provide an important opportunity for state Medicaid agencies, CHIP programs, and other state officials to advance policy innovations that support access to quality health care for MCH populations. State policy leaders need opportunities to meet with and learn from their peers about policy innovations that can be advanced in states and policy resources that are timely and accessible.

Project Title: Universal Newborn Hearing Screening (EHDI)

Grant Number: H61MC00060
Project Start Date: April 1, 2017
Project End Date: March 31, 2020
Address: 825 N. Capitol St. NE, Washington, DC 20002-4210
Project Director: Jaida D. Carter
Phone Number: (202) 442-9386
Email: jaida.carter@dc.gov

Project Description

The District of Columbia mandates all newborns have a birth hearing screening and receive appropriate follow up if they do not pass. Accurate documentation and loss to follow up is a challenge in D.C. DC EHDI utilizes a multifaceted approach that includes increasing health professionals’ engagement and knowledge of the EHDI system; improving access to early intervention (EI) services; and improving family engagement and partnership with District agencies and community based programs to adhere to national 1-3-6 guidelines. DC EHDI is committed to continuous quality improvement ensuring newborns receive a hearing screening at birth and the subsequent data is accurately provided in the Oz database to assist with DC Health surveillance activities. Oz developed enhancements to assist in the accuracy of newborn hearing screening data that is collected. DC EHDI also collaborates with a diagnosing audiologist and subject matter experts to improve and update the educational information.

Project Title: DC Health Information Center

Grant Number: H84MC21661
Project Start Date: June 1, 2018
Project End Date: May 31, 2022
Organization: Advocates for Justice and Education, Inc.
Address: 25 E. Street NW, 4th Floor, Washington, DC 20001-1522
Project Director: Rochanda Hiligh-Thomas
Phone Number: (202) 678-8060
Email: rochanda.hiligh-thomas@aje-dc.org

Project Description

The District has a long and devastating history for not ensuring the continuity of care for Children, Youth, and Families with Special Healthcare Needs (CYFSHN). It has historically faced challenges with the coordination of service delivery to its families and its needs assessment underscored the continued need for improved coordination. The District has long suffered fragmented systems of support for families and the lack of a coordinated approach to support families. As a result, the flow of information to families is not always seamless. Almost every agency serving this population from infancy to adulthood has been or continues to be under court ordered supervision. Improvements have been made and the District should be proud of its efforts to improve the delivery of services to families; however, gaps remain. Participants in the needs assessment indicated challenges in the District’s Department of Health (DOH) infrastructure to effectively address social determinants of health

Project Title: Mental Health Care Coordination for Transition Aged Youth with SED/SMI

Grant Number: R40MC29453
Project Start Date: April 1, 2016
Project End Date: March 31, 2019
Address: 111 Michigan Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20010-2916
Project Director: Lisa Tuchman
Phone Number: (202) 476-6481
Email: ltuchman@cnmc.org

Project Description

In the Maternal and Child Health field, there is increasing awareness of modifiable health conditions that appear early in the life course and impact development and wellness throughout the life span. Special opportunities exist in vulnerable populations with serious mental health conditions to better understand what life course events can facilitate attainment of optimal health and development. One such opportunity is making sure youth with SED/SMI receive the mental health services they need. Unfortunately, untreated mental illness among adolescents and young adults is a major public health problem. Particularly concerning is the fact that 80% of youth with SED/SMI are not receiving needed mental health services and unmet mental health needs are even higher among certain populations, including minority youth. Youth with untreated mental health problems face a number of challenges that are exacerbated when left untreated.


Grant Number: U01MC00001
Project Start Date: May 1, 2015
Project End Date: April 30, 2020
Address: 1825 K St. NW, Ste 250, Washington, DC 20006-1284
Project Director: Carolyn Stampfel
Phone Number: (202) 775-1473
Email: cstampfel@amchp.org

Project Description

The purpose of this project is to improve public health programs and the delivery of maternal and child health (MCH) services and ensure optimal alignment with the transformed Title V MCH Services Block Grant program. In an era of increased accountability, it is imperative that Title V leaders receive leading edge information, training and technical assistance on emerging issues, workforce and leadership development, and support in implementing evidence-based practices that will collectively improve the health of the nation’s women, children, and families. Through this project the Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs (AMCHP) closely links state Title V MCH programs with the Maternal and Child Health Bureau and other key MCH-focused organizations and partners to improve states’ ability to demonstrate the impact and value of the Title V MCH Block Grant, support closer linkages between state MCH programs and other investments impacting MCH outcomes.

Project Title: National Maternal and Child Center for Oral Health Systems Integeration and Improvement

Grant Number: U44MC30806
Project Start Date: July 1, 2017
Project End Date: June 30, 2021
Address: 37th and O Streets NW, Washington, DC 20057-1164
Project Director: Katrina A. Holt
Phone Number: (202) 784-9551
Email: kholt@georgetown.edu

Project Description

Lack of access to oral health care contributes to profound oral health disparities in the U.S. Many children from vulnerable populations face persistent, systemic barriers to accessing and receiving oral health care. The system in which MCH operates is a constellation of programs and services designed to improve the health of America’s mothers, children, adolescents, and families by increasing access to quality health services, strengthening the health workforce, building healthy communities, improving health equity, and strengthening program operations.

Project Title: Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network on School-Based Health Services

Grant Number: U61MC31885
Project Start Date: September 1, 2018
Project End Date: August 31, 2023
Address: 1010 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20005
Project Director: Robert Boyd
Phone Number: (202) 638-5872
Email: rboyd@sbh4all.org

Project Description

Our nation has not yet achieved equal opportunity for all children and adolescents to be healthy and succeed in school. The inequitable distribution of health and education resources across our communities has created profound—and unjust—disparities in outcomes for young people, fueled by poverty, discrimination, racism, and economic segregation. These structural inequities contribute to chronic absenteeism, school failure, substance use, depression, asthma, obesity, and other challenges. Children and adolescents disconnected from systemic resources are less healthy and less likely to do well in school than their peers who have social advantages like high quality education in safe and supportive school climates, readily accessible medical, behavioral, and oral health services, access to nutritious foods and safe drinking water, routine opportunities for recreation and physical education, and the presence of trusting adults in their lives.

Project Title: Alliance for Innovation on Maternal and Child Health

Grant Number: UC4MC28042
Project Start Date: September 1, 2018
Project End Date: August 31, 2023
Address: 409 12th St. SW, Washington, DC 20024-2125
Project Director: Jeanne Mahoney
Phone Number: (202) 314-2352
Email: jmahoney@acog.org

Project Description

The U.S. has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the developed world and this rate is rising. Additionally the rate of maternal deaths among black women are almost 4 times that of white women, the greatest public health disparity in the U.S.

Project Title: MCH Navigator

Grant Number: UE8MC25742
Project Start Date: July 1, 2016
Project End Date: June 30, 2021
Address: P.O. Box 571164, Washington, DC 20057-1164
Project Director: John T. Richards
Phone Number: (202) 784-9772
Email: richarjt@georgetown.edu

Project Description

MCHB-funded studies indicate that there is an “urgent need to equip the people currently working in state MCH programs & those who will be entering public health…with the knowledge & skills necessary to continue in their effective stewardship of the MCH population.

Project Title: Bright Futures for Women's Health: Standard Practice Guidelines for Well Woman Care

Grant Number: UH0MC29440
Project Start Date: March 1, 2016
Project End Date: February 28, 2021
Address: 409 12th St. SW, 435, Washington, DC 20024-2125
Project Director: Sarah Son
Phone Number: (202) 863-2436
Email: sson@acog.org

Project Description

The IOM found that there are three significant limitations to identifying and providing women’s preventive health services. First, there is a gap in our scientific information and knowledge that ultimately directs us to needed research. Second, there is a gap in the health practitioner knowledge base and synthesis of existing evidence, which directly informs the scope of services provided. And, finally there is a gap in implementation or utilization by patients that must be overcome before preventive health care is optimized in the US. The purpose of the Women’s Preventive Health Services Initiative (WPSI) is to improve and promote optimal women’s health through development of recommendations for preventive women’s healthcare services through evidence analysis, supplemented by consensus expert opinion. In addition, the WPSI recognizes the gap between providers and patients, and seeks to address implementation and dissemination of preventive health recommendations for women.

Project Title: National Genetics Education and Family Support Center

Grant Number: UH8MC30771
Project Start Date: June 1, 2017
Project End Date: May 31, 2020
Address: 4301 Connecticut Ave. NW, STE 404, Washington, DC 20008-2369
Project Director: Natasha Bonhomme
Phone Number: (202) 966-5557
Email: nbonhomme@geneticalliance.org

Project Description

Individuals who have, or are at-risk of having, a genetic condition and their families, especially those medically underserved and/or living in geographically underserved areas have more difficult accessing genetic services and are less engaged in their own care.

Date Last Reviewed:  July 2020