Frequently Asked Questions HRSA-19-106 Notice of Funding Opportunity

Supporting Maternal Health Innovation Program 

Where can I find the Supporting Maternal Health Innovation Program Notice of Funding Opportunity?

To access and apply for the program, please visit and search for the funding opportunity, HRSA-19-106. Additionally, the NOFO is accessible on the Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s Funding Opportunities website.

How many applications will be funded under this funding opportunity?

HRSA will fund one award under this announcement.

Is September 30, 2019 the anticipated award date or the project start date? 

September 30, 2019 is expected to be the project start date.

Does the definition of mass media on page 10 include social media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Others)?

For the purposes of this NOFO, the term mass media does include social media markets (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, and other mechanisms).  

Does the web based clearinghouse need to have a .gov web address, or can the awardee choose the URL? 

No, the associated clearinghouse cannot have a .gov web address. The award recipient will create the website, share the web address with the Program Office, and HRSA/MCHB will link to the clearinghouse. 

Does the information included on the web based clearinghouse need to be 508 compliant?

Yes, all information included on the website must be Section 508 compliant. Regardless of format, all digital content and communication materials produced as a cooperative agreement must conform to applicable Section 508 standards to allow people, including members of the public with disabilities, to access information that is comparable to information provided to persons without disabilities. View the HHS guidance regarding accessibility of documents.

How long must the web based clearinghouse remain active? How long after the end of the award? 

The award recipient will be required to maintain a web based clearinghouse throughout the duration of the project period. It is the expectation that the domain name will remain active beyond the end of the project period, in order to support any transition, should the program extend beyond this cooperative agreement.

Please provide additional information about the online platform.  Is this public-facing or individual private community?

The online platform is a public-facing freestanding website. The online platform will serve as a repository for resources, publications, topical meetings, newsletters, and information sharing between the State MHI Program grantees. The platform will use Internet technology for the design and development of teaching and learning purposes.  

What is the relationship or role of HRSA-19-106 to the CDC -RFA-DP19-1908, Preventing Maternal Deaths: Supporting Maternal Mortality Review Committees’ awardees?

HRSA 19-106 will provide technical assistance and capacity building services to support HRSA-funded award recipients focused on improving maternal health, states, and key stakeholders. State MMRC may be one such stakeholder that will benefit from the information and resources provided by this award, but this award is not limited to MMRCs. Please see the list of additional stakeholders found on page one of the NOFO. This NOFO is different and separate from the CDC’s “Preventing Maternal Deaths: Supporting Maternal Mortality Review Committees (MMRCs)” funding opportunity.

Could you please provide an example of what is meant by existing evidence-informed curricula focused on reducing maternal mortality and morbidity?

This funding opportunity seeks to provide information and resources to build capacity by utilizing new and existing information, resources and curricula on topics supporting maternal health and reducing negative maternal health outcomes.  Existing resources might include, but are not limited to:

  • Before, Between, and Beyond Pregnancy: The National Preconception Curriculum and Resources Guide for Clinicians
  • Mom2B
  • Centering PregnancyApplicants of this funding opportunity must submit a plan to identify existing evidence-informed curricula in the application narrative.

If one plans to collaborate with other organizations upon funding, do all of those organizations need to be named within the submission?

It is requested that you list the names of all partner organizations you are planning to collaborate with for purposes of reflecting a full and complete application. We understand additional organizations may be identified after the award is made. Minor modifications to
the program can be made upon award to allow for collaborative activities with new organizations.

Can recipients participate as both a subcontractor for the MHI program and as a state recipient?

Yes, the funding opportunities do not restrict eligibility. Funding is open to any public or private entity. Applicants are eligible to apply or serve as a subcontractor for any award as long they have the capacity. 

Are the organizations listed in the funding opportunity prohibited from applying for this funding opportunity?

No, funding is open to any public or private entity. The NOFO provides a list of potential partner organizations on page 11, but that does not prohibit any listed entity from applying.

How should we handle demographic / needs requirements of the recipients since they are not yet known?

Because the award recipients for the State MHI and RMOMS program will not be identified prior to the application submission date, applicants should identify and describe major technical assistance, training, and education needs related to maternal mortality and severe maternal morbidity and discuss capacity to respond to those needs.

Who retains intellectual property rights of any content or educational materials developed?

The award recipient will own the copyright for materials developed under this award, but HHS reserves a royalty-free, nonexclusive, and irrevocable right to reproduce, publish, or otherwise use those materials for federal purposes, and to authorize others to do so. Please see page 25 for more information. If applicable, the specific scope of HRSA rights with respect to a particular federally supported effort will be addressed in the Notice of Award.

Will awardees have funds for training in their budgets?

Applicants are required to create and submit a budget that reflects the activities needed to fully achieve the program objectives. The provision of training is a component of the core program activities.

Date Last Reviewed:  July 2019