Frequently Asked Question HRSA-19-107 Notice of Funding Opportunity

State Maternal Health Innovation Program

Where can I find the State Maternal Health Innovation Program Notice of Funding Opportunity?

To access and apply for the program, please visit and search for the funding opportunity, HRSA-19-107. Additionally, the NOFO is accessible on the Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s Funding Opportunities website. 

When will the awards be made?

HRSA expects to make awards on or before September 30, 2019.

If we plan to work with a group of states, will awarded projects have to develop task forces in each state, or can one, multi-state task force be established?

If you are applying as a group of states, this will require one multi-state task force to address the needs of all of the states included in the application.

Are territories eligible to apply for this funding opportunity? 

The funding opportunity is open to territories. The term “territories” is interchangeable with the term “states” throughout the NOFO.

If a group of states are applying together, with one state leading the submission, what else (besides a letter of support from the State Title V Director) would the partnering states need to provide to the leading state for its submission? For example, would each state need to submit a work plan? Would each state need to submit a logic model, etc.? 

When applying as a group of states, the application submitted will be deemed as one full application package, and thus requires only one logic model, one work plan, and a budget that covers the entire period of performance. The application should reflect a comprehensive approach across the group of states, as opposed to multiple, separate or independent projects.  Each participating state will need to supply the lead applicant with the requested information as found in the Needs Assessment on page 11.

Can you provide more information about page restrictions of the NOFO? I am assuming the page requirements are set, which is problematic for multiple state applications?

The 80-page limit is set by HRSA and cannot be modified. The page limit includes the abstract, project and budget narratives, attachments, and letters of commitment and support required in the Application Guide and this NOFO. Please refer to page seven and
eight of the NOFO for more information. Please print every page of your application and count them prior to submission.

Please explain the use of data from 2013-2015? We have much newer data available. Can more recent data be included in the application package? 

Each applicant is required to submit the requested data for 2013-2015 in order to discuss data across all awarded entities. Data from 2013-2015 will serve as the baseline for this award, because this data is available for all states. We are requesting data during the same time period from all applicants for purposes of uniformity in reporting need and change over time. Although applicants are welcome to submit more recent data, the 2013-2015 data must be provided for eligibility and review purposes. 

We are submitting this application from a university, and will be providing biosketches for key personnel. Are job descriptions needed if we are submitting biosketches?

No, job descriptions are not needed if biosketches are submitted.

Is the “staffing model” the same as the “project organizational chart"?

No, a staffing model does not provide the same information as the project organizational chart. The staffing model should include the key staff, as well as any staff that are on your project budget. The organizational chart shows your organization’s overall structure and where the project falls within that structure.

For multi-state applications, will each state need to address all three focus areas individually, or can each state focus on a specific need that correlates to one of the three areas? If as a region all program areas are addressed, is that acceptable?

Individual and group applications are required to address the three core activities as listed on page one of the funding opportunity. Multistate applications should ensure that all core activities are addressed. While the Maternal Health Task Force may be led by one state, participation in the data collection, analysis and innovation activities are required among all partnering states.

More information about multistate applications can be found on page nine of the NOFO under the innovation component.

Date Last Reviewed:  July 2019