Autism Transitions Research Project (ATRP)

HRSA-17-097 | Maternal & Child Health Bureau

Application Accepted: 12/08/2016 to 02/13/2017

Projected Award Date: 09/01/2017

Estimated Award Amount: N/A

Program Description:

This announcement solicits applications for the Autism Transitions Research Project (ATRP). The ATRP supports the implementation and completion of programmatic research studies that examine factors associated with healthy life transitions among adolescents and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who are transitioning to adulthood in order to: Advance the evidence base available to researchers, providers, policy makers, educators, adolescents and young adults with ASD and their families, and the public regarding factors associated with healthy life (physical, social, mental health, and educational/occupational) outcomes among this population; Address the critical need that exists for ASD transitions research that targets the social environment and not just the individual; and Provide national leadership and education in research on healthy transitions to adulthood for this population.

Additional Eligibility

Eligible applicants include any public or private entity, including research centers or networks.  Faith-based and community-based organizations, Tribes, and tribal organizations are eligible to apply.

Contact Information

Robin L. Harwood, PhD

Phone: 301-443-3888