Program Implementation and Fiscal Management Resources

Grantees may use the resources below to support program implementation and fiscal management.


August 2019

Building Caseload Capacity through System-Building Activities HRSA Exit Disclaimer
Transcript (PDF - 146 KB)
In this webinar, HRSA MIECHV awardees share successes and strategies for maximizing caseload capacity in MIECHV programs. The webinar includes insight from Alabama, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. Awardees shared successful practices around building community relationships, using enrollment improvement plans, applying tiered supports, collaborating on a referral system, and incorporating CQI into length of retention of MIECHV families.


July 2019

Needs Assessment: Strategies for Identifying At Risk Counties HRSA Exit Disclaimer
This webinar for HRSA MIECHV Awardees focuses primarily on modifications to the “simplified method” and walks through an example using the Needs Assessment Data Summary workbook. The webinar also discusses appropriate data sources and briefly review considerations for choosing an “independent method.”

June 2019

Applying a Health Equity Lens to the MIECHV Needs Assessment Update HRSA Exit Disclaimer
Transcript (PDF - 196 KB)
This webinar offers strategies to embed culturally responsive and equity-focused approaches to steps in MIECHV awardees' needs assessment work plan.

April 2019

FY 2019 Non-Competing Continuation Update Formula Awards Webinar HRSA Exit Disclaimer

February 2019

Strategies for Improving Data Quality and Addressing Missing Data HRSA Exit Disclaimer
This webinar supports HRSA MIECHV awardees in improving data quality and addressing missing data. The webinar discusses characteristics of quality data, reviews common reasons for missing data, and identifies awardee-level practices that promote improved data quality.

Pay for Outcomes; Pay for Success: An Orientation to New Opportunities for MIECHV Awardees HRSA Exit Disclaimer
Transcript (PDF - 181 KB)

MIECHV Needs Assessment Territory SIR Guidance Walk-though Webinar HRSA Exit Disclaimer

January 2019

MIECHV Needs Assessment SIR Guidance Walk-through Webinar HRSA Exit Disclaimer
Transcript (PDF - 178 KB)


December 2018

I Speak Fiscal; I Speak Program: Collaboration Between MEICHV Grants Management and Project Management HRSA Exit Disclaimer
Transcript (PDF - 170 KB)
This webinar for HRSA MIECHV awardees supports the premise that successful grants management requires intentional collaboration between fiscal management and programmatic experts. Three MIECHV awardees – US Virgin Islands, South Carolina, and Louisiana – share their efforts around internal collaboration. The webinar introduces a simple planning guide that awardees can use to establish ongoing collaboration.

FY 2019 Continuous Quality Improvement Plan Updates Webinar Exit Disclaimer

Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program Onsite Compliance Review Awardee Webinar HRSA Exit Disclaimer
Transcript (PDF - 257 KB)

September 2018

Professional Growth and Well-being: Strategies for MIECHV Awardees in Support of their Local Implementing Agencies (HV-ImpACT Webinar) HRSA Exit Disclaimer
Transcript (PDF - 74 KB)
This Home Visiting ImpACT webinar discusses how wellness matters in every aspect of home visiting from leadership to direct service, explore strategies and resources to boost workforce wellness in home visiting programs.

July 2018

Improving Postpartum Care: MIECHV Opportunities (HV-ImpACT) HRSA Exit Disclaimer
Transcript (PDF - 181 KB)
This Home Visiting ImpACT webinar discusses the importance of increased attention to postpartum wellness and the unique needs of women after giving birth and describes strategies for home visiting programs to better support women and families during the postpartum period.

June 2018

Needs Assessment Supplemental Information Request Webinar, June 7, 2018 HRSA exit disclaimer

January 2018

Early Language and Literacy: Moving the Benchmarks Ahead
Transcript (PDF - 157 KB)
This Home Visiting-ImpACT webinar focuses on efforts to help MIECHV awardees move the benchmarks ahead and support the performance measures related to early language and literacy.


December 2017

Reflections on Dr. Allan Schore's Plenary: "All our Sons: The Neurobiology and Neuroendrinology of Boys at Risk HRSA exit disclaimer
Transcript (PDF - 116 KB)
This Home Visiting-ImpACT webinar features Dr. David Willis presenting a follow up to the session delivered by Dr. Allan Schore at the MIECHV All Grantee meeting in September of 2017 on brain development and gender differences.

June 2017

Moving the Bar for Maternal Depression: Systems Strategies that Work (HV-ImpACT Webinar) exit disclaimer icon
Transcript (PDF - 173 KB)
This Home Visiting-ImpACT webinar explores a system of care for detecting and alleviating maternal depression symptoms by connecting mothers to evidence-based services. 

May 2017

Storytelling and Data Visualization (HV-ImpACT Webinar) exit disclaimer icon
Transcript (PDF - 190 KB)
This Home Visiting-ImpACT webinar explores use of compelling stories to construct a successful narrative, and contains an innovative four-step visualization process for effectively telling your story.

FY 2017 Work Plan and Budget Update (WPBU) Walkthrough Webinar Slides (PDF - 982 KB)

FY 2017 Work Plan and Budget Update FAQs (PDF - 536 KB)

April 2017

Family Engagement in Home Visiting (HV-ImpACT Webinar) exit disclaimer iconTranscript
This webinar highlights innovative approaches and resources to promote enrollment and retention piloted by the Home Visiting Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (HV-CoIIN). It also provides an overview of MIECHV evaluations on parent engagement, and highlights strategies currently being assessed by awardees.

March 2017

Strategies to Recruit and Retain a Skilled Home Visiting Workforce (HV-ImpACT Webinar) exit disclaimer icon, Transcript
This Home Visiting-ImpACT webinar features a virtual presentation and dialogue about how focusing on culture and a values-driven approach can strengthen the home visiting workforce. Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program awardees share strategies they have used within their states to support their recruitment and retention efforts.

February 2017

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation in Home Visiting (HV-ImpACT Webinar) exit disclaimer icon Transcript (PDF - 104 KB)


October 2016

Developmental Surveillance, Screening, and Linkages to Services (HV-ImpACT Webinar) HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF - 100 KB)

This Home Visiting-ImpACT webinar features a virtual presentation and dialogue about developmental surveillance and screening. It also explores strategies that the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program can use to successfully engage parents in developmental promotion, early detection, and referrals to early intervention services.

September 2016

The Emerging Crisis of Opioid Addiction - Implications for Home Visiting (HV-ImpACT) HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF - 109 KB)

This Home Visiting-ImpACT webinar features a virtual presentation and dialogue about strategies that the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program can use to support mothers with opioid use disorder and infants with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS).

June 2016

Meet the HV-ImpACT (HV-ImpACT Webinar) HRSA exit disclaimerTranscript (PDF 141 KB)

Trauma-Informed Approached to Support Children, Families, and the Home Visting Workforce (HV-ImpACT Webinar) HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF - 133 KB)

April 2016

Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) Program Innovation Awards Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) HRSA-16-025 – Technical Assistance Webinar – Technical Assistance Webinar HRSA exit disclaimer;

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF – 186 KB); FAQ Addendum (PDF – 367 KB)


December 2015

MIECHV Program FY2016 Formula FOA (HRSA-16-172) – Technical Assistance Webinar HRSA exit disclaimer;

Transcript (PDF – 204 KB); FAQs Part 1 (PDF – 202 KB); FAQs Part 2 (PDF – 133 KB)

July 2015

Building Connections between Home Visiting and Pediatric Medical Homes HRSA exit disclaimerTranscript (PDF 472 KB)

Collaborating and building relationships with medical homes at the community level.

Sub-Recipient Monitoring for the Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 37 KB)

Information on fiscal sub-recipient monitoring requirements, including review of expanded guidance in the fiscal year 2015 Funding Opportunity Announcements, and good financial management practices.

June 2015

Home Visiting Financing and Sustainability HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 491 KB)

A discussion of various funding streams that support home visiting quality and financing strategies that can be implemented in states to support sustainability.

May 2015

Linkages and Referrals: Community Issue, State Response HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 528 KB)

How a state can support a systemic approach to linkages and referrals in local communities.

April 2015

Identifying Strategies for Addressing Domestic Violence in your Communities HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 595 KB)

Two state-level approaches to domestic violence in MIECHV communities: 1) leveraging partnerships to improve domestic violence outcomes; 2) how professional development on domestic violence can have an impact across early childhood systems.  

March 2015

Recruitment and Retention of Home Visiting Staff HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 465 KB)

Covers: staff selection and recruitment practices that decrease turnover and increase quality; steps grantees have taken to implement intentional onboarding processes; how a professional development system can allow for supervisor input and support staff retention.

February 2015

Beyond Reporting: Making the Most of Your MIECHV Data HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 365 KB)

Considers the potential opportunities for sharing benchmark and research findings outside traditional stakeholder groups; reviews the steps other grantees have taken to share and create resources for disseminating their findings; assesses the impact of sharing benchmark and research findings; and reviews how sharing such data might benefit programs.

January 2015

Responding to the Changing Needs of Grantees: What's New for TA in 2015 HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 398 KB)

Provides an understanding of the range of TACC TA activities that can enhance state teams' support of Local Implementing Agencies' effectiveness; recognizes efforts to refocus Communities of Practice to enhance peer learning; identifies a new, more accessible online space for peer engagement and resource sharing among grantees; and introduces new TACC staff.


November 2014

Promoting an Organizational Culture of Reflective Practice HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 232 KB)

August 2014

Meeting the Needs of American Indian and Alaska Native Families Living in Urban Areas HRSA exit disclaimerTranscript (PDF – 252 KB)  

Case Studies in Supporting Enrollment Efforts at Local Sites HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 486 KB)

July 2014

Case Studies in Supporting Quality Data Collection at Local Sites HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 604 KB)

May 2014

Evaluating Systems Integration: Essential Components HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 487 KB)

April 2014

Intimate Partner Violence, Part 1: Critical Community Partnerships HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 208 KB)

Intimate Partner Violence, Part 2:  Empowering the Home Visitor HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 202 KB)

March 2014

Early Childhood Integration Series: Working Together to Provide Stability for Families: Home Visiting and Homeless Service Systems HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 276 KB)

February 2014

Early Childhood Integration Series: Responding to Behavioral Health Needs for Families in Home Visiting through Systems Integration; Transcript (PDF – 209 KB)

January 2014

Early Childhood Integration Series: Better Results for Children and Families through Systems Integration HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 196 KB)


November 2013

Is There an App for That? Strengthening Family Engagement with Technology HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 180 KB)

September 2013

Family Engagement and Retention: Part II HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 564 KB)

Key Grants Administration/Compliance Issues for MIECHV Grants

Skills Building Session: Budget Development and Oversight Processes for MIECHV Grantees

July 2013

Family Engagement and Retention: Part I HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 200 KB)

June 2013

Building Stronger Home Visiting Systems through Staff Retention HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 244 KB)

April 2013

Centralized Intake: The Next Steps along the Journey HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 191 KB)

February 2013

Addressing Parental Depression through Home Visiting HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 474 KB)


October 2012

Impacting Infant Mortality through Home Visiting HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 427 KB)

September 2012

Strengthening Professional Development for MIECHV Programs HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 142 KB)

Utilizing New Technology to Facilitate Home Visiting, Data Collection and Quality Assurance

August 2012

Integrating Home Visiting Systems Within Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems HRSA exit disclaimerTranscript (PDF – 128 KB)

July 2012

Fiscal Leveraging HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 158 KB)

June 2012

Implementing Multiple Models HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 137 KB)

May 2012

Implementing Statewide Home Visiting Systems, Part I: Leadership Approaches HRSA exit disclaimerTranscript (PDF – 435 KB)

Implementing Statewide Home Visiting Systems, Part II: Supporting Home Visitor Competence HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF – 222 KB)

March 2012

Setting the Stage: Active Implementation Frameworks to Integrate the Science and Practice of Implementation HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF - 384 KB)


April 2011

Implementation and Scale Up of Home Visiting (Part 2) HRSA exit disclaimer; Transcript (PDF -374 KB)

February 2011

Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness Review: Process and Results HRSA exit disclaimer

Conference Calls

Continuous Quality Improvement (Part 2) HRSA exit disclaimer conference call (MP3)

Coordination & Referral Tools HRSA exit disclaimer conference call (MP3) 



Date Last Reviewed:  September 2019

Resource Documents

MIECHV NCC Update FAQs (PDF - 501 KB)

MIECHV Formula Awards FY 2019 Non-Competing Continuation Update (NCC Update) (PDF - 670 KB)

Funding Home Visiting with a Pay for Outcomes Approach

Best Practices for Onboarding New MIECHV Employees: A Toolkit (PDF - 1.8 MB)

A Crosswalk of the MIECHV Program and the Title V Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant Program Needs Assessments (PDF - 2.3 MB)

Strengthening the MIECHV Workforce (PDF - 3.2 MB)

Home Visiting's Two-Generation Approach (PDF - 9.74 MB)

Sustainability Worksheet: A resource to plan for sustaining the gains (PDF - 208 KB)

Lessons from the Field: Using Performance Data to Inform CQI (PDF - 303 KB)

A Guide to Conducting the MIECHV Statewide Needs Assessment Update (PDF - 2.4 MB)

MIECHV Program Supplemental Information Request (SIR) for the Submission of the Territory Needs Assessment Update (PDF - 192 KB)

MIECHV Program Supplemental Information Request (SIR) for the Submission of the Statewide Needs Assessment Update (PDF - 416 KB)

HRSA's Home Visiting Program: Supporting Families Impacted by Opioid Use and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome - A Resource for MIECHV Awardees (PDF - 451 KB)

Communications Strategies for Home Visiting Programs (A Resource for MIECHV Awardees) (PDF - 1.2 MB)

Communications Planning Template (for MIECHV Awardee Home Visiting Programs) (PDF - 79 KB)

Creating a Trauma-Informed Home Visiting Program (PDF - 218 KB)

Subrecipient Monitoring Manual for Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) Award Recipients (PDF - 396 KB)

Infusing Cultural and Linguistic Competence into the Recruitment and Retention of Home Visitors (PDF - 511 KB)