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Pie graph: Learning Disabilities Among Children with Conditions Bar graph: Learning Disabilities Among Children with Conditions

Overlap with Learning Disabilities

Children with emotional, behavioral or developmental conditions may also have learning disabilities. Learning disabilities may be caused by problems with the nervous system that interfere with the child’s ability to receive, process, and communicate information. These disabilities are generally distinct from emotional, behavioral, and developmental conditions, but may overlap with ADD/ADHD or other conditions. The survey asked whether percents of children who were at least 3 years old had been told by a doctor, health care provider, teacher, or school official that their child had learning disabilities. Overall, 45.8 percent of children with at least one of the seven emotional, behavioral, or developmental conditions also have a learning disability; among children without emotional, behavioral, or developmental conditions, the prevalence of learning disabilities was 2.7 percent.

Of the seven emotional, behavioral, and developmental conditions addressed here, the condition that is most likely to overlap with learning disabilities is developmental delay; 82.9 percent of children with developmental delay were also reported to have learning disabilities. A majority (76.0 percent) of children with autism spectrum disorders have learning disabilities as well.