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Bar graph: Children with Problem Social Behaviors

Problem Social Behaviors

Some children have trouble getting along with others. Parents of 6- to 17-year-olds were asked if their children had never, rarely, sometimes, usually, or always exhibited each of the following behaviors in the past month: arguing too much; bullying or being cruel or mean to others; being disobedient; and being stubborn, sullen, or irritable. Overall, 8.9 percent of children aged 6-17 years were reported to usually or always exhibit two or more of these problem behaviors (data not shown).

Among children with emotional, behavioral, and developmental conditions, problem social behaviors are more common. More than one-quarter (26.5 percent) of children with at least one condition usually or always exhibit two or more of the four problem behaviors. For children with one condition, problem behaviors were common in 19.0 percent of children; for children with two conditions, this proportion was 30.5 percent; and among children with three or more conditions, it was 46.1 percent. Among children without emotional, behavioral, or developmental conditions, 6.1 percent consistently exhibit these problem behaviors.