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Adequacy of Insurance

While most children had current health insurance coverage at the time of the survey, insurance coverage may not always be adequate to meet their needs. Parents whose children were currently insured were asked three questions regarding the services and costs associated with their child's health insurance. Parents' responses to each of the three questions varied significantly. Parents of 18.3 percent of currently insured children reported that the out-of-pocket costs were never or only sometimes reasonable. In addition, 7.2 percent of children were reported to have health insurance that never or only sometimes offers benefits or covers services that meet their needs and 5.1 percent were reported to have health insurance that never or only sometimes allows them to see the health care providers they need.

Children were considered to have adequate health insurance coverage if their parent answered "usually" or "always" to each of the three questions. Overall, 23.5 percent of children lacked adequate insurance. Older children were more likely than younger children to lack adequate coverage: 26.3 percent of children aged 12-17 and 25.2 percent of those aged 6-11 years were reported to lack adequate insurance, compared to 19.2 percent of children aged 0-5 years.