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School Engagement

Parents of school-aged children (aged 6-17 years) were asked two questions to assess their child's engagement in school: whether the child cares about doing well in school and whether the child does all required homework. Children were considered to be engaged in school if their parent responded "usually" or "always" to both of these items. Overall, 80.5 percent of children aged 6-17 years were engaged in school.

This varied, however, by the child's sex and age, and whether or not the child had special health care needs. Female children were more likely than males to be engaged in school (86.3 versus 74.9 percent, respectively), and children aged 6-11 years were more likely than adolescents aged 12-17 years to be engaged (85.9 versus 75.4 percent, respectively). Only 69.5 percent of children with special health care needs were reported to be engaged in school, compared to 83.7 percent of children without special health care needs.