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Reading, Singing, and Telling Stories

Reading, telling stories, and singing to young children regularly can lay the foundation for future literacy and educational success. Parents of children aged 0-5 years were asked how often their children were read to during the past week. A total of 47.8 percent of children in this age group were read to by a parent or other family member every day.

The likelihood of children being read to every day differs by race and ethnicity. More than half of White (57.4 percent), multiracial (54.1 percent) and children of other races (50.8 percent) were read to every day, compared to 38.6 percent of Black children and 28.2 percent of Hispanic children.

Parents were also asked how often they or other family members sang songs or told stories to their children in the past week. Overall, 59.1 percent of children aged 0-5 years were sung to or told stories every day. Singing and storytelling also varied by race and ethnicity: More than 65 percent of White and multiracial children were sung to or told stories every day, compared to 59.7 percent of children of other races, 55.4 percent of Black children, and 42.9 percent of Hispanic children.