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Social Skills

Children begin developing positive social skills at an early age, a process that will influence their relationships with others throughout their lives. Parents of children aged 6-17 years were asked if their children had never, rarely, sometimes, usually, or always exhibited each of the following behaviors in the past month: showed respect for teachers and neighbors; got along well with other children; tried to understand other people’s feelings; and tried to resolve conflict with classmates, family, or friends. Overall, 93.7 percent of children aged 6-17 years were reported to usually or always exhibit two or more of these social skills. This percentage was similar across locations.

In all locations, younger children (aged 6-11) were more likely than older adolescents to display social skills. The percentage of children with social skills was similar across locations within each age group, ranging from 93.7 to 95.4 percent among children aged 6-11 and between 90.7 and 93.4 percent among adolescents aged 12-17.

In urban and large rural areas, the percentage with social skills was slightly higher among girls than boys, while in small rural areas, the percentage was the same for both sexes (92.1 percent).

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