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Bar graph: Children by Location Bar graph: Children by Location and Poverty Status

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School Engagement

Parents of school-aged children (aged 6-17 years) were asked two questions to assess their child’s engagement in school: whether the child cares about doing well in school and whether the child does all required homework. Children were considered to be engaged in school if their parent responded "usually" or "always" to both of these items. Overall, 80.5 percent of children aged 6-17 years were engaged in school. This percentage was highest in urban areas, but did not vary substantially across locations.

In all locations, children with higher household incomes were more likely to be adequately engaged in school than those with lower household incomes. For example, among urban children, the percentage who were engaged in school ranges from 73.1 percent of those with household incomes below the Federal poverty level (FPL) to 86.5 percent of those with household incomes of 400 percent of FPL or more. Within each income group, however, the rate of school engagement was similar across locations.

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