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Reading for Pleasure

Parents of school-aged children (aged 6-17 years) were asked how much time their child spent reading for pleasure on an average school day. Overall, 84.3 percent of children in this age group read for pleasure for some amount of time, and those who did read were reported to spend an average of 61.0 minutes per school day reading. The percentage of children who read for pleasure is slightly higher in urban areas (84.7 percent) than in small rural areas (81.4 percent).

In all locations, younger children (aged 6-11) were more likely to read than older adolescents (aged 12- 17). Approximately 90 percent of 6- to 11-year-olds were reported to read for pleasure, compared to 74.1 percent (in small rural areas) to 79.5 percent (in urban areas) of those aged 12 to 17.

Girls were also more likely to read for pleasure than boys. Approximately 88 percent of girls in all locations read, compared to 76.3 percent (in small rural areas) to 80.6 percent (in urban areas) of boys.

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