Repeating a Grade

Parents of school-aged children (aged 6–17 years) were asked if their children had repeated one or more grades since starting school. Overall, 9.1 percent of children aged 6–17 years had repeated a grade. Repeating a grade was more common in rural areas, with 12.1 percent of school-aged children in large rural areas and 14.0 percent in small rural areas repeating a grade, compared to 8.2 percent of urban children.

Generally, older children were more likely to have repeated a grade because they have had more opportunities to do so, and this was true for both urban and large rural areas. Within each age group, the percentage of children who had repeated a grade was significantly higher in rural than urban areas. Among children aged 12–17 years, for example, 15.7 percent of those in small rural areas and 13.9 percent of those in large rural areas had repeated a grade, compared to 10.4 percent of urban children.

In all locations, boys were more likely than girls to have repeated a grade. Again, for both sexes, the percentage of children who had repeated a grade was highest in small and large rural areas and significantly lower in urban areas.

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