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Family and Community Determinants of Childhood Injury Prevention

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Project Number: R40 MC 05475-02
Grantee: Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health
Department/Center: Population and Family Health Sciences
Project Date: 09/01/2005

Final Report

Family and Community Determinants of Childhood Injury Prevention Final Report (PDF) Exit Disclaimer

Principal Investigator

David Bishai, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
615 N. Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD  21205
Phone: (410) 955-7807


  • Perinatal/Infancy (0-12 months)
  • Toddlerhood (13-35 months)


Safe environments are fundamental for successful and healthy children. Parental choices are the most important determinant of each child's risk of injury. This project seeks to develop new insights into the individual, household, and community determinants of parental safety behaviors in U.S. parents of children age 0 - 33 months. We will analyze data collected in the National Evaluation of the Healthy Steps for Young Children Program. This dataset describes 5565 infants enrolled in 15 U.S. cities in 1996-97 with follow-up until they were 30-33 months old. Parental reports of their own safety behaviors and their children's medically attended injuries and hospitalizations by age 2-4 months and by age 30-33 months will be supplemented by community level data from the 2000 Census and practice level data on each child's health care utilization. We will estimate the individual, household, and community determinants of safety behaviors using ANOVA, bivariate, and multivariate regression accounting for fixed effects and multilevel data structure. We will be particularly interested in testing whether key life events including parental relocation, mental health, alcohol use, and parental work force participation are associated with diminished safety behaviors and increased injuries. We will determine moderating factors which help to protect children from injury especially when they are growing up in higher risk communities and/or families. MCHB Strategic Research Issue #IV. Promoting the healthy development of MCH populations.


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Choi Y, Bishai D, Minkovitz C. Multiple births are a risk factor for postpartum maternal depressive symptoms. Pediatrics. 2009 Apr;123(4):1147-54.

Bishai D, Trevitt JL, Zhang Y, McKenzie LB, Leventhal T, Gielen AC, et al. Risk factors for unintentional injuries in children: are grandparents protective? Pediatrics. 2008 Nov;122(5):e980-7.


Safety & Injury Prevention, Parenting, Health Care Utilization

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