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MCH Navigator – Implementing Competency 10: Interdisciplinary/Interprofessional Team Building  Exit Disclaimer

The MCH Navigator has developed a new implementation brief focused on interdisciplinary/interprofessional team building. This resource provides learning opportunities related to the four domains that assist in successfully implementing skills associated with interprofessional practice as identified by the Interprofessional Education Collaborative. Trainings consist of a range of learning modalities, levels of engagement, and interaction. This brief is part of a series of implementation tools to address the need for translational learning to assist MCH professionals in putting their knowledge to practice in their daily work. Other implementation tools, such as family-professional partnership and working with communities/systems, can be found on the Translational Learning webpage. Exit Disclaimer

Pediatric Pulmonary Centers Offer Interdisciplinary Sleep Education on Pediatric Sleep Disorders Through Web-Based Models Exit Disclaimer

Healthcare professionals receive very little education on pediatric sleep disorders during training, yet as medical home providers they encounter children and adolescents with significant sleep problems. There is a lack of high-quality, evidence-based education for providers regarding screening, diagnosis, management, and referral of children with sleep disorders. The Pediatric Pulmonary Centers (PPCs) have created six interdisciplinary web-based modules to fill this educational gap.

The MCH Navigator Has Relaunched Its Online Self-Assessment! Exit Disclaimer

The MCH Navigator Self-Assessment was updated to track knowledge and skills across the 2018 MCH Leadership Competencies. The new tool guides users through a streamlined process and provides a more focused learning plan than the previous version.

Title V Transformation Tools Portal Exit Disclaimer

The new Title V Transformation Tools Portal, developed by the MCH Navigator in collaboration with the National MCH Workforce Development Center, crosswalks each National Performance Measure (NPM) and its corresponding knowledge and skills sets with specific learning opportunities and resources.

MCH Navigator Public Health Pronto Exit Disclaimer

Public Health Pronto is a microlearning project that allows you to participate in short bursts of learning through the year to improve your public health skills.  This program focuses on the Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals through short, ongoing bursts of learning that encourage learners to proceed at their own pace, all while being engaged in a collaborative environment.


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Discretionary Grant Information System
Maternal and Child Health Discretionary Grants fund more than 900 projects through 88 programs each year. The Discretionary Grant Information System (DGIS) collects program and performance measure data...

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Division Highlights

Highlighting Interdisciplinary / Interprofessional Training and Practice

The Division of MCH Workforce Development (DMCHWD) supports interdisciplinary and interprofessional education and training programs that emphasize leadership, and family-centered, community-based, culturally competent systems of care. This month, DMCHWD shares interdisciplinary and interprofessional highlights from across the network.

NEW - MCHB Nutrition Webpage

The Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) is pleased to announce the release of the MCHB Nutrition webpage. Nutrition is vital to the healthy development and well-being of infants, children, youth, and adults, including those with special health care needs. MCHB’s programs promote the nutritional well-being of maternal and child health populations across the lifespan.

MCH Timeline

MCH Training Programs began in the 1920s when short courses were offered to a variety of disciplines, including nurses, social workers, physical therapists, obstetricians, and pediatricians. Learn more about training-related points in history and more on the MCH Timeline.


See all the Grantee Highlights here

  • Celebrating 30 Years of the Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children Program
  • Using Data to Drive Disability Workforce Training: The LEND Program Quality Improvement (LPQI) Network
  • Fabric not Fringe: Weaving Family Involvement throughout Training and Practice for Professionals and Advocates Working with Individuals with Disabilities and Special Health Care Needs
  • Children's Healthy Weight Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (CHW-CoIIN) – Highlight on Breastfeeding Team in Louisiana
  • The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health (Reaching Practicing MCH Professionals Program) – Overview of Mental Wellness
  • The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health (Reaching Practicing MCH Professionals Program) – Enabling the Rise of the CHW
  • Arizona LEND Leadership and Culture Workshop


See all the Trainee Highlights here

  • Karissa Avignon, Former MCH Trainee - Making Lifelong Connections
  • Myles Davenport, Former Kennedy Krieger Pipeline Trainee
  • Alexis Bancroft, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Psychology Fellow, Developmental Medicine Center, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Mollika Sajady, DO, MPH, DBP/LEND/LEAH/COR Fellow, University of Minnesota
  • Gabrielle Watson, Au.D., Oregon LEND Trainee - PHAME
  • Austin Bateman, Missouri LEND
  • Boston LEND
    • Angela Venini
    • Gyasi Burks-Abbott
  • University of Minnesota MCH Nutrition Trainees
    • Mariana Colucci and Charlie Davis – Phillips Neighborhood Clinic
    • Coleton Hanson
  • Emily Schlag, RD, LDN, Tulane MCH Nutrition Trainee
  • LaTiana Ridgell, BSN, RN, MPH, Former Drexel Catalyst Trainee
  • Marissa Black “Time With TAG”
  • Sabrin Rizk “Time With TAG”

Training Investments

MCH Training Grants Map

In Fiscal Year 2016, the Division of MCH Workforce Development awarded 152 grants, an investment of $47 million. Grants are awarded to develop trainees for leadership roles in the areas of MCH teaching, research, clinical practice, public health administration and policy making, and community-based programs. In addition, grantees in community practice often support the development of family-centered, culturally competent pediatric clinicians and public health professionals. Currently, Healthy Tomorrows funds 39 grants across 22 states.

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