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MCH Training Program: LEND
Grantee: University of Arizona
Project Director: Sydney A Rice, MD
Location: Tucson, AZ
Region: 9

Bridge to a Healthy Tomorrow Transition of Care Program
MCH Training Program: Healthy Tomorrows
Grantee: Long Beach Memorial Medical Center
Project Director: Casey Hudson
Location: Long Beach, CA
Region: 9

Centers of Excellence in MCH with MCH Academic Postdoctoral Ehnancement
MCH Training Program: Centers of Excellence in MCH Education, Science and Practice
Grantee: Regent of the University of California
Project Director: Julianna Deardorff, PhD
Location: Berkeley, CA
Region: 9

Children's Hospital Los Angeles Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Training Program
MCH Training Program: Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics
Grantee: Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Project Director: Douglas Vanderbilt, MD, MS
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Region: 9

Clark County Neonatal Follow-Up Program
MCH Training Program: Healthy Tomorrows
Grantee: Foundation for Positively Kids
Project Director: Fred Schultz
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Region: 9

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