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A Health Professional's Guide to Pediatric Oral Health Management

Web Address: A Health Professional's Guide to Pediatric Oral Health Management

Grantee Institution: Georgetown University
MCH Training Program: Distance Learning
Product Category: Training Materials and Strategies

Product Developer(s):

Brenda Janish
1603 W. Taylor Street, Room 1054 (MC 923) Chicago, IL 60612-4394
(312) 996-2233
Email: bjanish@uic.edu

Product Contact(s):

Katrina Holt
National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center, Georgetown University, PO Box 571272
(202) 784-9771
Email: kholt@georgetown.edu

Product Description

A series of seven self-contained online modules designed to assist health professionals in managing the oral health of infants and young children. These modules provide health professionals with information to help them prevent oral diseases, which still afflict many U.S. children, especially children from families with low incomes, children in certain minority groups, and children with special health care needs. The modules assist health professionals in performing an oral screening to identify infants and children at increased risk for oral health problems, offering referrals to oral health professionals, and providing parents with anticipatory guidance.

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