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Grant Status: Active

Training Category: Healthy Tomorrows

Grant Title: Caring for the Whole Child

Web Site: Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County, MD, Inc. Project Exit Disclaimer

Project Director(s):

Marisol Ortiz, President/ CEO
Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County, MD, Inc.
Silver Spring, MD
Phone: (301) 628-3442


Effective methods exist to screen and identify children at risk for negative outcomes and evidence-based behavioral health treatments can help them recover from traumatic experiences. Currently, resources to meet these needs in Montgomery County are limited. When resources are available, immigrant children and their parents face barriers, such as language, cultural stigma, and cost that prevent those who need help from accessing care.

Goals and Objectives:

Increase preventive and early intervention services for common mental health disorders. Increase access to community-based services for this population.


The Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County, Inc. (PCC) proposes to initiate a Caring for the Whole Child pilot project within its Care for Kids (CFK) program. This expansion of the CFK program services, which provides pediatric primary care, will provide reimbursement for integrated behavioral health services for uninsured adolescents.


The PCC is an experienced administrator of funding and expert in using data to establish quality indicators and measure impact of planned interventions on health outcomes. The three partner clinics, two federally qualified health centers and one community-based immigrant health clinic, have a long-term commitment and record of providing health care to the uninsured community. Their pediatricians have been leaders in identifying and calling for access to integrated behavioral health services for this population. They have taken a leading role in planning and implementing this project, ensuring that the appropriate screening, medical management, and linkages and collaboration with behavioral health staff at their sites will occur.


This project will quantify the need for behavioral health services in the uninsured adolescent population served by CFK and establish the effectiveness of offering these services in the primary care setting. Factual data gained by the project will allow PCC, its clinic partners, and community stakeholders to advocate effectively for increased and ongoing funding from public and private funders. PCC has an established record of quantifying needs and seeking funding to meet these needs. Caring for the Whole Child is a first step in achieving ongoing access to behavioral health services for uninsured adolescents in our community.