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Women Participating in WIC,* 1992–2009**

The number of women participating in WIC has increased steadily from 1992 to 2009.

Women Participating in WIC,* 1992-2008**
Year Number of Women

*Participants are classified as women, infants, or children based on nutritional-risk status; data reported include all pregnant women and mothers regardless of age.

**Based on Federal Fiscal Year (October to September); 2009 data are preliminary.

Source I.8: U.S. Department of Agriculture, WIC Program Participation Data.

1992 1,226,115
1994 1,499,218
1996 1,647,338
1998 1,734,033
2000 1,748,792
2002 1,812,786
2004 1,931,651
2006 2,023,309
2008 2,181,796

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