Discretionary Grant Data Collection

Collecting performance measure data through our discretionary grant programs allows us to make improvements to our programs’ policies and practices. We can monitor grantees, conduct program planning and performance reporting.  

Redesigning the Performance Measures

In June of 2016, we redesigned DGIS performance measures, giving us a more accurate, objective and detailed picture of the full scope of services provided by our grant programs. Additionally, the improvements will help us show alignment between discretionary grant programs and the Title V Block Grant program, so we can measure program outcomes between the two sets of programs.

Here are a few details about the redesign of these measures:

  • Most of these measures are specific to certain types of programs and will not be required of all grantees. 
  • The measures are categorized by domains (Adolescent Health, Capacity Building, and Child Health, Children with Special Health Care Needs, Lifecourse/Crosscutting, Maternal/Women Health, and Perinatal/Infant Health). 
  • Grant programs are assigned domains based on their activities. And, there are three core measures and financial/demographic forms that will be utilized by all grantees. 
  • Each grantee is only required to complete forms in this package that are applicable to its initiative.
  • Your program’s HRSA Project Officer will assign specific measures and forms.

For your convenience, the approved Discretionary Grant Performance Measures are available to download. Individual forms can be accessed below through drop-down menus. Download the Discretionary Grant Performance Measures.


Date Last Reviewed:  December 2016