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Special Journal Issue on MCH Workforce Development

The Maternal and Child Health Journal, in collaboration with MCHB and the National MCH Workforce Development Center, released a special issue in September 2022. This special issue highlights original research, commentaries, innovations, and policy & program evaluations for state public health agencies, academic institutions, and community-based organizations. 

Use these open-access publications to advance workforce development for current and future maternal and child health (MCH) professionals.

Access the Special Issue, Containing 25 Open Access Articles

Developing and Strengthening the Current and Future MCH Public Health Workforce: Building Capacity, Aligning Systems, and Addressing Emerging Challenges

Featured Articles

We would like to highlight the following articles:

Future Directions 

Undergraduate Career Pathways

Graduate Training

Building Capacity Within the Practicing MCH Workforce

Advancing Equity

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