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Strategic Research Issues

The full SRI guidance (PDF - 938 KB)

Guiding Principles

These are themes that inform all of our goals.  When conducting research, all of our funded projects should keep the following in mind:

  1. Social determinants of health and health equity
  2. Quality and ease of access to health resources and services
  3. Making sure the things we do are based in science and improve the science we have
  4.  Speed up the pace at which research findings are put into practice


The ways that our funded research aim to create change:

Goal 1. Improve the Health System for Mothers and Children

Find gaps in the health care system and improve them by changing the system. Changes include using technology, public health data, and the medical home model of care delivery.

Goal 2. Promote the Health and Well-Being of Mothers

Prevent death and serious injury, and support the well-being of women, before, during and after pregnancy and childbirth.

Goal 3. Promote the Health and Well-Being of Children

Improve the health of children and youth across the life course, including those with special health care needs, and children with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities

Goal 4. Promote the Health and Well-Being of Families

Learn about what factors impact family health and how to engage the community.

Goal 5. Increase Evidence for Maternal and Child Health Practice

Find the strategies, programs, and interventions that work best and how to best measure their impact.

Goal 6. Support Innovation and Collaboration in Research

Study new technology, methods, and ideas in research, including supporting new researchers with different backgrounds.

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