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Submission Requirements for the Promoting Pediatric Primary Prevention (P4) Challenge

For this prize competition, applicants submitted a 3-5 page concept paper. Proposals could not be longer than five pages, and could include up to two additional pages for letters of support.

Applicants were required to include the following sections in the concept paper:

Section Maximum Length
Executive summary and the problem in your community. 2 paragraphs max

Describe the population you serve that would be affected by the proposed intervention. Please include descriptors such as:

  • Population demographics, such as number of children served, parent education, payer mix, insurance status, race, ethnicity, and other demographics
  • Urban or rural population (and degree of rurality)
  • Age group for those targeted in your solution
Half page max

Describe your team, including:

  • The partnerships included
  • The role of the partners
  • The team's capabilities, experience, and commitment

Include letter(s) of support indicating support of each partner other than the lead organization.

Also describe any gaps you may have in your team's ability to implement the solution; technical and partnership assistance may be available.

1 page max

Describe your intervention.

  • What is your innovative solution to increase access to and utilization of well-child visits and/or immunizations in your community?
  • Describe your approach, intervention or strategy, its novelty, and how your proposal will address the problem.
  • How will the prize funds help in your implementation?
  • How will your solution sustain beyond the P4 Challenge and continue to help the community?
  • How will you approach and incorporate patient/family-centered design (e.g., barriers to access and utilization for preventive services for children, parents’ hesitancy regarding vaccination and well-child visits (during the pandemic)?
1 page max

Describe your data.

  • What baseline can you set for measuring immunizations and/or well-child visits?
  • How do you and will you perform your data collection and analysis to demonstrate improvement in well-child visits and/or immunization rates (or disparities in rates) at the end of Phase 2?
  • Include a description of how patient confidentiality will be maintained throughout the proposed project, in accordance with the HIPAA Security Rule.
1 page max
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