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Technical assistance provides grantees with tools and guidance as they manage programs or activities conducted with grant funds.

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Technical Assistance Providers

Along with the Administration for Children and Families (ACF), we improve home visiting services and achieve critical outcomes for children, families, and at-risk communities. We do this for states and territories using technical assistance (TA) services, including: 

  • making connections between states and territories and technical experts, 
  • offering opportunities for peer learning, and 
  • identifying and disseminating best practices. 

Providers offer universal and targeted supports through a diverse set of products to meet states’ and territories’ needs.

Home Visiting - Improvement Action Center (HV-ImpACT)

The Education Development Center of Waltham, MA, in partnership with the Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development, Change Matrix, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, leads HV-ImpACT.

HV-ImpACT helps states and territories: 

  • administer high-quality program implementation according to home visiting models, 
  • strengthen early childhood systems coordination, and 
  • improve program outcomes. 

Design Options for Home Visiting Evaluation (DOHVE)

Managed by James Bell Associates, DOHVE supports state and territory efforts to: 

  • expand knowledge and evidence for home visiting, 
  • build capacity to collect and report performance measures, 
  • make data-informed decisions to strengthen program quality, and 
  • spread new knowledge to the broader field. 

Site Visit Technical Assistance

DSFederal conducts on-site compliance reviews for MIECHV awardees to:

  • document awardee progress;
  • assess awardees’ statutory, administrative, program and fiscal compliance with the grant award;
  • identify awardee challenges and technical assistance needs as applicable;
  • identify awardee best practices to share and highlight; and
  • develop site visit reports and recommendations base upon site reviews.

Home Visiting - Performance Measurement and Continuous Quality Improvement (HV-PM/CQI)

Education Development Center provides both universal and targeted technical assistance to help state and territory awardees of the MIECHV Program in the development of performance measurement and continuous quality improvement plans; proper collection, reporting, and analysis of performance data; and best practices in building capacity to use data for program improvement.

Technical Assistance Resources

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