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FAQ: Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN)

Funding Opportunity Numbers: HRSA-23-073 (Competing Continuation, New).

NOFO Technical Assistance

Where can I find a recording of the NOFO Technical Assistance call?

View the webinar recording.

When I try to apply for the grant, the Apply tab does not work.

For assistance with submitting the application in, contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, excluding federal holidays at: Contact Center

Telephone: 1-800-518-4726 (International callers dial 606-545-5035)


View the webinar recording.


Should we be using the NIH salary cap (now $212,100) when budgeting for faculty?

As of Jan. 2023, the Consolidated Appropriation Act, 2023 raised the Salary Rate Limitation for Executive Level II to $212,100. This limits the direct salary that can be charged to a grant, cooperative agreement, or contract. The new U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Policy, Data, and Oversight webpage provides Salary tables for 2023.

On page 7 of the funding announcement, “Indirect costs under training awards to organizations other than state or local governments or federally recognized Indian tribes, will be budgeted and reimbursed at 8 percent of modified total direct costs rather than on the basis of a negotiated rate agreement, and are not subject to upward or downward adjustment.” Does this mean that HRSA will only accept an 8% indirect rate for this grant?

This NOFO is not a research or training grant. Per the SF-424 Application Guide, page 31, when indirect costs are requested, the applicant must submit a copy of the latest negotiated rate agreement. Applicants without an established indirect cost rate for “other sponsored programs” may only request 10% of salaries and wages and must request an “Other Sponsored Program/Activities” rate from HHS’ Cost Allocation Services.

The funding for required positions plus travel and indirect exceeds $700,000. Does HRSA have recommendations?

Per the NOFO, HRSA estimates approximately $4,950,000 to be available annually to fund a total of seven recipients. You may request no more than the funding ceiling amount listed in the current PECARN Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). This grant program also accepts proposals that include non-federal resources to support personnel and other proposed costs for this competition, such as in-kind or cash match support.

Do we include the $50,000 in the budget to total $750,000 annually for the Chair responsibilities?

If you are interested in being considered for the PECARN Chairperson, include a statement in the application indicating this, along with a proposed budget narrative for the supplemental amount (up to $50,000 for direct and indirect costs). However, do not include this amount in your SF-424A nor the total requested amount.

Budgeting for chair/vice-chair - at one point it states an additional $50,000 would go to sites where chair/vice-chair is, at another point it states that we should budget 5% additional for chair/vice chair, but that position won’t be for all 5 years. Recommendations on how we should budget for this potential position given that we do not know which sites will have chair or vice chairs (as it would be great to use that 5% elsewhere if not using it for chair/vice chair)?

This applies to successful applicants who currently serve as Chair or who have plans within the performance period to serve as Chair.

Research Concepts

Please clarify what types of concepts to submit as an Attachment.

Category 1: Attach 2 Research Concepts:

  1. Research proposal that describe the relevance of the research findings in community emergency departments. The proposal must describe a knowledge translation project that tests effective mechanisms to spread uptake of new clinical evidence into community Emergency Departments.
  2. Research concept includes a focus on addressing gaps in prehospital pediatric emergency care.
Please clarify what types of concepts to submit as an Attachment.

Category 2: Attach 2 Research Concepts:

  1. Research proposal that describe the relevance of the research findings in the prehospital setting.
  2. Research proposal must include a knowledge translation project that tests effective mechanisms to spread uptake of new clinical evidence into widespread practice in prehospital Emergency Medical Services agencies.

Program Activities

Does each applicant have to develop a plan for their Node as described on page 13 in the NOFO?

No, these are network-wide plans that successful applicants will work together to develop for the whole network.

Are there specific age ranges we should use for the demographic sections?

Up to 18 years of age.

On page 15 of the NOFO, there is a table of Quantifiable Indicators of Success, are these meant to be addressed literally or are these examples?

These are “quantifiable targets that will be assessed by the end of the period of performance (August 31, 2027) for each of the indicators listed.”

Is the 10% full time equivalent for dissemination required to support the PECARN dissemination workgroup specifically or towards any dissemination activities within the node?

This is intended to support PECARN Dissemination Workgroup activities.

How do new applicants submit progress reports?

On page 23 of the NOFO, it states that Attachment 6: Progress Reports are for competing continuations only. It is meant for competing continuation applications which are current PECARN nodes.

The timeline includes a period of developing the application for future activities. Does that refer to the current NOFO?

Yes, “developing the application” is referring to developing an application for this NOFO (HRSA-23-073).

Formatting and Page Count Specifications

Should the two-page biographical sketch be in the new format (should we add contributions to science)?

HRSA does not have a required format. Applicants should include information they deem appropriate and supports activities outlined in the NOFO.

Are we permitted to use .5-inch margins for the biosketch in this recompete?

For duplication and scanning purposes, ensure that the application can be printed on 8½” x 11” white paper. Margins must be at least one inch at the top, bottom, left and right of the paper. Left-align text (SF424 Application Guide, p. 35).

Are hyperlinks allowed at the end of the biographical sketches?

Any hyperlinked attachment will not be reviewed/opened by HRSA (SF424 Application Guide, p. 34). Hyperlinks may not be used to provide information necessary for the review of the application.

Is 12-point font required for the tables as well?

The text and table portions of the application must be single-spaced and submitted in no less than a 12-point font. Applications not adhering to 12-point font requirements may be deemed non-responsive and returned. For charts/graphs, footnotes, and budget tables, you may use a different pitch or size font but no less than 10-point or size font (SF424 Application Guide, p. 35).

Can the Hospital Emergency Department Affiliate commitment letters be combined into one?


Does each letter of support need to be its own attachment (to count towards the page limit)?

Letters of agreement and support can be summarized or listed on one page.

Does the Indirect Cost Rate Agreement count against page number?

No, please refer to page 9 of the NOFO, indirect agreement does not count toward the page limit.

Is it required to upload an Indirect Cost Rate Agreement and non-profit proof?

Yes, you are required to upload Indirect Cost Rate Agreement and non-profit status (NOFO, pgs. 9 &10).

Is there anyway you can adjust the page number limit?


Does the budget justification count toward 70-page, page limit?

Yes, it does, Mandatory Budget Narrative Attachment must be uploaded in Budget Narrative File(s) Attachment form and it is counted in the page limit. Refer to the Section 4.1.v of of SF424 Application Guide and the NOFO for detailed instructions (SF424 Application Guide, p. 38). The Budget Narrative File(s): Attachment Form is not counted in the page limit (SF424 Application Guide, p. 37).

Can you provide an outline of what pages count toward the page limit and what pages do not?

Please refer to IV. Application and Submission Information; 2. Content and Form of Application Submission (pgs. 9 & 10) of the NOFO for specific information regarding page count.


Is HRSA allowing co-principal investigators?

Please refer to page 12 of the NOFO for specific details.

Is it ok to propose a sub-aim or a goal in the application?


Since we have multiple congressional districts do we have to use the additional page to list them which brings the page limit down to 69?

As the Research Node Center (RNC) is the recipient of funds, the Congressional District for the RNC is sufficient for Box-16 of the SF424. If needed, additional Congressional District Attachment may be uploaded on the third page of SF424 - Box 16. If this attachment is included, it will be counted in the page limit (SF424 Application Guide, p. 37).

Program Requirements

The NOFO does not specifically state where services need to be provided.

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