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HRSA-20-048 Frequently Asked Questions

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention National Technical Resource Center

Where can I find the full announcement?

The full announcement can be found on

What needs to be completed prior to submission of the award application?

An applicant’s and registrations and passwords must be current in order to submit an application to HRSA. Registrations in all systems may take up to one month to complete, so do not wait to activate or update accounts in these two systems.

When should baseline data for the HRSA-20-048 project objectives be collected and reported to HRSA staff?

Baseline data for the HRSA-20-048 objectives should be collected during Year 1 of the project, and reported to HRSA staff at the end of Year 1.

Who are the EHDI Program recipients being referenced in Program Objective 3?

The EHDI Program recipients referenced in Objective 3 are the HRSA-20-047 program recipients.

Is there a preferred definition of underrepresented populations for this application?

For the purposes of this funding opportunity, the definition of “underrepresented populations” will be the same definition listed on p. 3 of the HRSA-20-051 NOFO.

Can a copy of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Pediatrician Perspectives: Executive Summary be provided?

A copy of the Executive Summary can be found on the EHDI NTRC Funding Opportunity page.

What is the type of environmental scan that HRSA would like conducted in the optional environmental scan project?

The applicant can propose how they plan to conduct the environmental scan.

Should the budget for the environmental scan be submitted as a separate budget on a 424 form, or should it be a line item budget?

The budget for the environmental scan must be submitted on a separate SF-424 form, which does not count towards the page limit.

Are the documents submitted for the Optional Environmental Scan Project (budget, budget narrative, work plan) counted in the application’s 70 page limit?

The budget must be submitted on a separate SF-424 form which will not be counted in the page limit. The budget narrative and work plan documents will be included in the page limit.

Is the Progress Report for continuing applications (Attachment 7) counted in the application’s 70 page limit?

Yes, the progress report for continuing applications will be counted in the application’s 70 page limit. Reviewers will be able to view the information included in the progress report to score the application.

Will the reviewers be able to see the Progress Report (Attachment 7) that is submitted by continuing applicants?

Yes, the reviewers will be able to see the Progress Report and can use information provided in the Progress Report to score the application.

Will the submitted HRSA-20-048 applications be reviewed by an independent contractor or by HRSA staff?

The applications will be reviewed by an independent, objective review panel. HRSA staff will only evaluate a progress report if submitted with the application, and, if funding is available, the documents for the optional environmental scan project.

Are there technical assistance offerings that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are planning to do that applicants should be aware of, in order to distinguish what activities are funded by HRSA funds and what activities are funded by other sources?

If applicants will receive funding from any other sources to support the EHDI NTRC, HRSA funded activities should be distinguished from other funded activities.

In the past there has been additional money to support activities from the Office of Head Start. Is there any expectation that there will be additional money for the Office of Head Start?

HRSA cannot comment on past or future budgetary decisions.

When will the successful applicant be announced? How far ahead of the April 1, 2020 project start date?

The project start date is April 1, 2020, and, if funding becomes available for this program, HRSA’s goal is to issue the award 15 days in advance of the project start date.

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