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HRSA-20-049 Frequently Asked Questions


The Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) lists several objectives on page 1 which recipients will collect and report data to monitor and evaluate their performance. How will new applicants collect baseline data to establish benchmarks?

New applicants will collect data in the first year of the project that will serve as the baseline. Competing continuation applicants should use baseline data from the last year of the current project to establish benchmarks for program objectives.

The NOFO lists performance measures on page 10, including “Number of underserved populations receiving services.” Please clarify what is meant by “services”.

“Services” refers to the services provided by the National Genetics Education and Family Support Program (NGEFSP).

Is the recipient of NGEFSP expected to work with all of the Regional Genetics Networks (RGNs) or just the RGN in their region?

NGEFSP is a national program and the recipient will be expected to collaborate with and support all of the RGNs.

Does NGEFSP have a focus on a specific disease or condition?

NGEFSP does not have a focus on a specific disease or condition. The recipient will be expected to promote and strengthen engagement of individuals and families with, or at risk for, any genetic condition.

Do you have a sense if new applications would be competitive or is the agency interested in funding the competing continuations under this mechanism?

Both New and Competing Continuation applications will be accepted for these funding opportunities. Any organization that meets the eligibility requirements on page 5 of the NOFO is eligible to submit an application.

The NOFO instructions clearly state that applicants for the NGEFSP cannot apply for funding for the two other related funding opportunities – Advances in Integrating Genetics into Clinical Care (AIGCC) and Regional Genetics Networks (RGNs). I understand that this means that an applicant to serve as NGEFSP cannot apply to be the lead on AIGCC and RGN but does this also mean that the applicant cannot serve as a subcontractor for AIGCC or RGN program even if they are not the lead organization?

An organization or entity may not be the lead recipient for more than one of the following programs: RGNs, NGEFSP, and AIGCC. An organization may be a subrecipient on one or more of the other programs.

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