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FAQ: State Maternal Health Innovation (MHI) Program

Funding Opportunity Number: HRSA-23-108

Estimated number and type of award(s): HRSA expects to fund up to 23 awards in the form of cooperative agreements.

Estimated annual award amount: The award will be funded up to $750,000 per award per year during the five-year project period. Funding beyond the first year is subject to the availability of appropriated funds for the MMHSUD Program in subsequent fiscal years, satisfactory progress, and a decision that continued funding is in the best interest of the Federal Government.

Period of performance: The period of performance is September 30, 2023, through September 29, 2028 (5 years).

Application due date: Friday, June 2, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. ET.

It looks like this program is aimed to support state-led demonstrations. Does that mean a state entity needs to take the lead on submitting the application once the notice is posted?
(NOFO pg. 8) Eligible applicants include any domestic public or private entity, including an Indian tribe or tribal organization (as those terms are defined at 25 U.S.C. 5304 (formerly cited as 25 U.S.C. 450b)). See 42 CFR § 51a.3(a). Domestic faith-based and community-based organizations are also eligible to apply.
What type of award is this?
(NOFO pg. i) Cooperative agreement
What is the page limit for the application?

(NOFO pg. 9) The total number of pages that count toward the page limit shall be no more than 55 pages when printed. Items that do not count toward the page limit include:

  1. Standard OMB-approved forms
  2. Abstract
  3. Indirect Cost Rate Agreement
  4. Proof of non-profit status (if applicable)
Are currently funded FY19 and FY22 State MHI Program awardees eligible to apply?
(NOFO pg. 8) Existing award recipients under the FY19 and FY22 State MHI Program funding opportunity are eligible to apply for funding under this announcement and, if funded, the existing State MHI award will be relinquished, and a new award period will begin. If an existing recipient applies but is not awarded funding under this announcement, the existing award will continue at the original level of funding through the project period end date.
How will HRSA prioritize states that have never been funded yet in the setting that states with prior awards are allowed to reapply in this cycle?
(NOFO pg. 25) HRSA has procedures for assessing the technical merit of applications, regardless of prior funding received. Please refer to the review criteria beginning on page 25 of the Notice of Funding Opportunity for more information.
If current recipients apply, do we have to propose totally new projects or can we expand or improve current projects?
Applicants can propose projects that meet the needs in their states. They can be either new or expansions and improvements of existing projects.
Can this grant be used to build capacity to monitor maternal morbidity, severe maternal morbidity, etc., on an ongoing basis?
(NOFO pg. 12) One of the core objectives of the program is to improve state-level maternal health data and surveillance.
Is there a strategy for how previously funded vs. newly funded states will be supported as shared members of a 3rd State MHI cohort (e.g., newly funded states will have different technical assistance needs)?
(NOFO pg. 4) All State MHI awardees receive individualized and group technical assistance and support from the Maternal Health Innovation and Learning Center (MHLIC). Please see the MHLIC website for more information.
Is there a site where we can get info on projects that were funded in previous calls?
(NOFO pg. 4) Yes, please visit the Maternal Health Innovation and Learning Center for the list of previously funded states.
How much can I apply for?

(NOFO pg. 7) You may apply for an annual funding amount based on the total number of annual births within the state, as indicated in the table below, with a ceiling amount of up to $2,000,000 annually (reflecting direct and indirect costs) per year for applicants with more than 200,000 annual births within the state.

Total Number of Annual Births Within the State Annual Funding Amount
≤50,000 Up to $1,000,000
50,000 - 200,000 Up to $1,500,000
≥200,000 Up to $2,000,000

Please reference Table 6 in the National Vital Statistics Reports, Volume 70, No. 17, which provides the number of births by state for 2020 in your application.1

What degree of documentation and from what level of State Department of Health is required for a Letter of Support?
(NOFO pg. 21) Provide any documents that describe working relationships between your organization and other entities and programs cited in the proposal, beyond the membership of the Maternal Health Task Force. If the applicant organization is a non-state agency, you should include a letter of agreement from the State Maternal and Child Health Title V Director as Attachment 4. The letter of agreement should outline the state support, including providing access to state data and data systems. Documents that confirm actual or pending contractual or other agreements should clearly describe the roles of the contractors and any deliverable. Make sure any letters of agreement are signed and dated.

1National Vital Statistics Reports Volume 70, Number 17, February 7, 2022 ( (PDF - 1 MB)

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