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Child Health USA 2013 An illustrated collection of current and historical data, published annually.

Preface and Reader's Guide

The Health Resources and Services Administration’s Maternal and Child Health Bureau MCHB) is pleased to present Child Health USA 2013. Now in its 23rd year, Child Health USA provides a centralized resource for data on the health and well-being of America’s mothers and children for policy makers, program managers, and maternal and child health professionals. While previous editions of Child Health USA focused broadly on health status and health care indicators for the maternal and child population, this year’s edition provides an in-depth look at perinatal health and health care access. Similar to previous editions, however, the data book provides both graphical and textual summaries of relevant data, and addresses long-term trends where applicable and feasible.

All of the data discussed within the text of Child Health USA are from the same sources as the information in the corresponding graphs, unless otherwise noted. Data are presented for two important target populations of the Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant: pregnant women and infants, as well as women who may become pregnant. Child Health USA 2013 addresses health status and health service utilization within these populations, and offers insight into the Nation’s progress toward the goals set out in the MCHB’s strategic plan—to assure quality of care, eliminate barriers and health disparities, promote an environment that supports maternal and child health, and improve the health infrastructure and system of care for women, infants, children, and families.

Child Health USA is designed to provide the most current data available for public health professionals and other individuals in the public and private sectors. The book’s succinct format is intended to facilitate the use of the information as a snapshot of perinatal health in the United States.

Perinatal Health Status Indicators is the first section and presents statistics on maternal and infant health outcomes ranging from infant and fetal mortality to cesarean delivery and postpartum depressive symptoms. The second section, entitled Perinatal Risk Factors and Behaviors, contains vital statistics and health behavior data for women before, during and after pregnancy. Health Services Utilization, the third section, includes data regarding health care financing and utilization of selected perinatal health services. Programs and policies relevant to pregnant and parenting women are presented in the final section, Programs and Policies.

Child Health USA is not copyrighted and readers may duplicate and use all of the information contained herein; however, the photographs are copyrighted and permission may be required to reproduce. This and all editions of Child Health USA since 1999 are available online.

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