A child was determined to meet the standard for family partnership if their parents answered “usually or always” to all four questions. Overall, 70.3 percent of CSHCN met this standard. This percentage is highest among non-Hispanic White CSHCN (74.2 percent) and lowest among Hispanic CSHCN who primarily speak Spanish at home (59.8 percent). Of children whose daily activities are never affected by their conditions, 79.3 achieved the outcome, compared to 61.1 percent of CSHCN whose activities are consistently affected, often a great deal, by their conditions.

The percentage of CSHCN who achieved this outcome also varies by family income and the child’s insurance status. Of children with no health insurance, 57.6 percent receive family-centered care, compared to 64.0 percent of CSHCN with public insurance and 76.0 percent of those with private insurance. Likewise, of children with family incomes below the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), 61.8 percent achieved this outcome, compared to 77.2 percent of CSHCN with family incomes of 400 percent of the FPL or more.

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